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CV Raman International Fellowship for African Researchers

The objective of C V Raman International Fellowship is to provide opportunity for African researchers to conduct, under the guidance of their host in India, collaborative research with leading research groups in universities and other Indian institutions in various areas of Science & Technology.

The Program allows such researchers to advance their own research while contributing to the progress of research in India and counterpart countries.

Types and number of fellowships offered :

Each African country will have 8 slots of fellowship totalling approximately 416 fellowships under this Program.

Post Doctoral Fellowship :

Duration 6 months. Maximum 2 fellowships of 6 months duration each or one fellowship thereof subject to 12 months.

Visiting Fellowship : Duration 3 months. Maximum 3 fellowships.

Senior Fellowship : Duration 1 month. Maximum 3 fellowships.

Eligibility Criteria for CV Raman International Fellowship :

Applicant should be a citizen/permanent resident of an eligible country having diplomatic relations with India.The applicants should be actively engaged in research at a University or research institution in the African country.

Minimum academic qualifications :

  • Post Doctoral Fellows – Ph D
  • Visiting Fellowship – Ph D / M.Tech or 6 to 10 years working experience.
  • Senior Fellowship – Senior Experts / Scientists / Professors.

Indian Host Institute :

The applicant has to work out a research / training plan with his / her Indian host scientist in the prescribed format.

The candidate should himself / herself correspond with his / her proposed host scientist for placement.

Applicant is required to produce evidence, in the form of a letter of acceptance, from the proposed host institution.

The Indian host scientist, with whom the fellow intends to work, should be a scientist of repute in the proposed field of work.

The host researcher must be employed full-time at a university / academic institutions recognised by the Government of India or a research institution of Government of India / State Government in India.

Candidates who have earlier availed C V Raman International Fellowship will not be eligible for this fellowship again.

The application form submitted must be in English. If the original document is in other language, kindly enclose translation.

Application Procedure for the Program :

The application for this Program is required to be submitted in the prescribed format to FICCI through appropriate national nominating authority in the respective country.

Application Process is as follows :

Contact is made between an African researcher who wishes to conduct research / training in India and his / her prospective host and the placement consent from the Indian host institute is received African researcher submits an application to a designated nominating authority in his / her country.

Nominating authority selects the candidates and sends application of the recommended candidates to FICCI (with a copy for information to Indian Mission of the respective country).

Application Deadline : 31 May, 2010.

Please log on to FICCI website for further details (application form and research institutions in India).

The information is also available on DST website :,

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.