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Canon Collins Trust Postgraduate Scholarships 2011

Canon Collins Trust will award Postgraduate Scholarships to study in South Africa for Southern African Students in 2011.

Do not use this form to apply to study in the UK or for the Graa Machel scheme.

Postgraduate Study :

All scholarships are for postgraduate study for one academic year.

Renewal of scholarships will be considered for subsequent years of study (provided that students meet reporting requirements and receive satisfactory academic reports) up to a maximum of one year for Honours, two years for Masters and three years for PhD.

Canon Collins Trust scholarships are not full scholarships and the value can vary from R10,000 to R35,000 a year dependent on need, level and available funds.

The only full scholarships that the Trust offers for study in South Africa are for women of rural origin under the Graca Machel scholarship scheme.

This must be applied for separately on a different form.

Candidates :

Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to women and men from the following southern African countries, or with official refugee status in one of these countries.

Angola Botswana Lesotho Malawi Mozambique.

Namibia South Africa Swaziland Zambia Zimbabwe.

We aim for gender equality and we welcome applications from women and from those studying unusual subjects.

We welcome applications from Angola and Mozambique which are currently underrepresented amongst our scholars.

All applicants must be committed to :

  • The development of southern Africa.
  • Using the knowledge, training and skills gained through the scholarship for the general benefit of their home community and country.

Subject Areas :

Applications for all subject areas will be considered but the applicant must demonstrate how studying this subject will contribute to the development of southern Africa.

Universities :

Applicants are expected to apply independently to universities.

We will consider applications from students part way through their course but we will not cover debt from previous years.

Application Process for Canon Collins Trust PG Scholarships :

The application form is of primary importance as assessment is made on the basis of a completed Canon Collins Trust application form.

A great deal of care must be taken in completing the form especially the motivation section.

The following documents must be sent with all applications :

  • Certified copy of university academic transcript.


  • One passport size photo with the applicant’s name clearly written on the back.


  • Two references in sealed envelopes (two academic or 1 academic and one employer reference).


  • Copies of 2 payslips (if employed).


  • For PhD candidates a copy of their accepted PhD proposal.

Please note we will not assess applications that have documents missing so do not submit your form until you have all the necessary information.

Please post (do not fax or email) completed application forms and supporting documents to :

Canon Collins Trust,
Po Box No : 34692,
Groote Schuur – 7937,
Cape Town.

Please note couriered applications will not be accepted at a Po Box address.

Please be aware that Canon Collins Trust will assess over 650 applications.

It is important that you take time to complete the form accurately and legibly.

Where possible use a computer to complete the form. It is provided as a word document to facilitate this process.

The deadline for applications is 11th August, 2010 – Late applications will not be considered.

References :

You should ask your referees to provide you with a reference that relates to your application for this scholarship.

It should outline your strengths as an applicant, demonstrate your capacity to study at the level required, and identify your potential impact in the future.

In the case of an employment reference, please be aware that confirmation of employment is not sufficient as a reference.

We require information regarding your work performance and potential.

If you are not currently employed, we will accept a reference from voluntary work, or two academic references.

Application checklist :

  1. Have you answered all the questions carefully? Have you clearly demonstrated why the Trust should fund you rather than any other applicants?.
  2. Remember to include all of the required paperwork.
  3. Is the application form clear and easy to read?.
  4. Do not include any additional information (including CVs) as it will be discarded. Your application will be judged by the quality of the information on the application form.

Application form for study in South Africa starting 2011 :

We will not acknowledge receipt of your application. We will let you know the outcome of your application in November / December 2010.

Please do not contact us about the result of your application before January 2011 as we will not respond.

All notifications will be by email so please make sure you provide an accurate email address.

Website :

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.