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ATKV Scholarship 2011, South Africa

Scholarships for undergraduate and master level studies in South Africa

Study Subject : In their particular field of study to acquire

Employer : AKTV

Level : Masters, Undergraduate

The ATKV, in collaboration with the dawn Trust (DST) this year again offering scholarships and loans to students that certain African – based studies at institutions in South Africa to undertake.

This initiative represents the ATKV able to grant awards to be increased to 17 which is a big difference for qualifying candidates means. Die . The ATKV Platinum award valued at R100 000 is awarded annually to a Masters or doktorsgraadstudent a South African university.

This year’s award will be made to a candidate doing research on Dutch in the courts. The scholarship can be used for both the research component as well as the awareness of this issue in the public media and other information channels.

The annual postgraduate merit scholarship will be increased to R30 000 and is aimed at a deserving student to prepare an honors or masters in their particular field of study to acquire.

The ATKV offers five undergraduate scholarships of R60 000 each for students in an African study (preferably in education or the media) want to study.

The study is in Dutch at a university in South Africa and the scholarship money over a period of three years awarded by annual payments of R20 000 per scholarship.

Scholarship Application Deadline : 30th November 2010.

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