Webber Wentzel Scholarship, South Africa

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Webber Wentzel Scholarship, South Africa

Webber Wentzel endows ten scholarships of R30 000 each to law students who meet our criteria, as South African citizens, and who are in their penultimate (pre – final) year of LLB studies.

Study Subject : Law

Employer : Webber Wentzel

Level : Graduate

As part of our corporate social investment strategy, and in an endeavour to recruit and develop talented individuals. The Webber Wentzel Scholarship is expected to cover tuition fees, residence fees and the costs of text books (or any part thereof).

Accordingly payments will be made to your University’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office which will disburse such monies against invoices for tuition and / or residence and / or text books in the first instance.

Should there be a positive balance remaining, these monies can be used for living expenses.

The following conditions and criteria will apply to each Webber Wentzel scholarship :

  • You must be registered for the penultimate year of the LLB degree; and
  • The primary criterion that will be taken into account is academic excellence.

Other factors that may be taken into account in appropriate cases are :

  • Whether you are from a previously disadvantaged background;
  • Whether you are able to show financial need.

If you are successful, the Webber Wentzel Scholarship will be re – awarded for your final year of LLB degree provided that, your conduct remains satisfactory, all subjects for the penultimate year of LLB studies are passed with a satisfactory mark and that these are completed in the minimum prescribed period.

Recipients of Webber Wentzel Scholarships will be people who, in the opinion of Webber Wentzel, have the potential to become a successful attorney at the firm, and will be required to participate in vacation work programmes offered to him / her by Webber Wentzel.

Although not guaranteed, Webber Wentzel would consider employing the recipient as a Candidate Attorney on completion of his / her LLB degree, dependant on academic progress and achievement, and the existence of suitable vacancies.

If offered employment by Webber Wentzel, the recipient would be obliged to accept such offer, which will be on terms no less favourable than the terms of employment of all other first year Candidate Attorneys employed by Webber Wentzel in that year.

The recipient of the Webber Wentzel Scholarships may be expected to meet with representatives of Webber Wentzel from time to time, and the University will be requested to afford Webber Wentzel regular progress reports.

Scholarship Application Deadline : 31st January 2011.

For further scholarship information and application please visit : http://www.wwb.co.za/wwb/view/wwb/en/page3449

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