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Augusta Zadow Scholarships for South Australians,  Safe Work SA

In 1895, Augusta Zadow became the first female Inspector of Factories in South Australia. She played a crucial role in securing better conditions for workers in factories, particularly women and children.

Many of the working conditions we now take for granted are due to the efforts of Augusta Zadow.

The annual Zadow Awards were introduced in 1994 (Centenary of the Factories Act and Women’s Suffrage in South Australia) in recognition of the work carried out by Zadow, who worked tirelessly to bring about health and safety reforms in the workplace.

In 2005, the Augusta Zadow Scholarships were initiated. Two annual scholarships of up to $10,000 each are awarded each year to assist with occupational health, safety and welfare improvements undertaken by, or for the benefit of, women in South Australia.

The Augusta Zadow Committee (the Committee) assess applications and awards the Augusta Zadow Scholarships. The Committee includes representatives from SafeWork SA, WorkCover SA, Business SA, SA Unions, the Office for Women and the Working Women’s Centre.

Aims of the Scholarship :

Augusta Zadow scholarships aim to encourage initiatives that improve occupational health, safety and welfare outcomes by, or for the benefit of, women in South Australia.

Use of Scholarships :

Augusta Zadow Scholarships are to be used to undertake :

  • Further education
  • Research and/or
  • Occupational health, safety and welfare initiatives.

How to apply for Augusta Zadow Scholarships :

Applicants for the Augusta Zadow Scholarships must be :

  • Permanent residents of South Australia
  • Individuals who are able to commence their study / project/research in 2011.

Scholarships may be used for education, study or research in Australia or overseas.

Selection Criteria for Augusta Zadow Scholarships :

Successful applicants will be selected against the criteria of the Augusta Zadow Scholarships :

  • To make significant health and safety improvements for women through research and further education
  • To provide a solution to a health and safety issue faced by women.

Application and Selection Process :

Applicants must provide the Committee with a proposal (refer to the requirements in the ‘Scholarship Proposal’ section of this document).
The proposal must also include details of referees and demonstrate that the applicant meets all of the eligibility requirements.

The Committee will assess and award the Augusta Zadow Scholarships. Applicants who are short-listed will be invited to give a verbal presentation of their proposal to the Committee.

Augusta Zadow Scholarship Proposal :

Your proposal must be a minimum of 500 words and must not exceed 1500 words in length and must include the following :

  • An outline of how your proposal meets the selection criteria of the Augusta Zadow Scholarships
  • An outline of how your proposal will benefit women in the workplace
  • Details of where the project, research or further education will be undertaken
  • Dates of the proposed course/study/project
  • A one-page profile of yourself and a summary of the course/study/project you are proposing to undertake (for publicity and presentation purposes)
  • An outline of the costs associated with your proposal
  • An outline of how the funds will be used.

Closing date for scholarship applications :

Augusta Zadow Scholarship applications must be submitted together with any necessary supporting material by 5.00 pm Friday 27 August 2010.

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