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USC Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarships 

USC Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarships Selection Panel to assess applications in accordance with the relevant procedures and the Postgraduate Research Scholarships selection criteria and to provide consistency in the selection of candidates for Postgraduate Research Scholarships ( PGRS ). The protocol is also intended to increase an applicant’s ability to highlight their research strengths and to facilitate submission of the highest quality application.

USC Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarship Eligibility criteria

Applicants who are not accepted for admission to a higher degree by research ( HDR ) at USC will be deemed ineligible for a postgraduate research scholarship. These applications will not be progressed to assessment stage. Applications which remain incomplete on the published closing time of the scholarship round, will not be progressed to assessment stage.

The following eligibility criteria apply to all postgraduate research scholarships. Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria for the postgraduate research scholarship applied for will not be progressed to assessment stage. To be eligible for selection for a postgraduate research scholarship, applicants must :

  • be applying to enrol as a full-time HDR candidate, unless the applicant demonstrates that their caring commitments, medical condition, disability or other circumstance limits their capacity to undertake full-time study; and
  • not hold an equivalent HDR qualification to that being applied for.

The following additional eligibility criteria apply to all USC International Research Scholarships :

  • a student must be undertaking study in a subject area identified by USC as one of its areas of research concentration

The following additional eligibility criteria apply to Commonwealth funded scholarships (as provided in the Guidelines). Applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria to receive a Commonwealth Scholarship ( Research ) will be considered for any other Postgraduate Research Scholarships that are available in the current round. Recipients of a Commonwealth Scholarship ( Research ) must :

  • have completed a Bachelor Degree with First Class Honours, or may be assessed as having an equivalent level of attainment*
  • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian permanent resident, or an international candidate who is also selected through a competitive process as the meritorious recipient of an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship
  • not have previously held a Commonwealth-funded postgraduate research scholarship unless it was terminated within six months of the scholarship’s payments commencing
  • not be receiving an equivalent scholarship ( excluding IPRS ), or salary providing a benefit greater than 75 per cent of the APA stipend rate to undertake the HDR.
  • To be eligible for an IPRS, a student must be undertaking study in a subject area identified by USC as one of its areas of research concentration.

Individual PGRS may have additional specific eligibility and or selection criteria that will be published on the relevant scholarship advertisement on the University website.

*Equivalent level of attainment

  • A completed Australian Bachelor Honours Degree in the First Class OR
  • A completed overseas qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Bachelor Degree
    • With a duration of normally no less than 4 years AND
    • An overall GPA comparable to at least a 6.0 on a 7 point scale ( where pass = 4 )
    • Containing a significant and major thesis, dissertation, design project or creative work that has been Examined by at least two examiners OR Has a grade comparable to at least a 6.0 on a 7 point scale ( where pass = 4 )
  • A completed domestic or overseas qualification comparable to the educational level of an Australian Masters Degree containing a minimum research component of 50%. The research component can be comprised of research specific courses and or a thesis. Evidence must be provided to confirm the research component.
  • At least one sole or first / primary authored refereed article in a scholarly journal.
    • when not listed as first author, evidence of primary authorship must be provided.
    • in cases of “commercial in confidence” prohibiting publication, evidence must be provided of the quality and quantity of the research undertake

Selection criteria for postgraduate research scholarships

To assess the quality of an application, each application is assessed based on the following selection  criteria :

  • Undergraduate achievement; and
  • Research alignment; and
  • Publications; and
  • Most recent or relevant degree

Assessment is based on information provided within the application and the supporting documents submitted by the applicant. Applicants whose most recent or relevant degree included a research thesis or dissertation must provide an electronic copy of this document together with formal notification from the qualifying university stating the specific allocation of marks to the research component of the degree. If the required supporting documents are not provided by the closing date for the round, the application will not progress to quality assessment.

USC Australian Postgraduate Research Scholarship Allocation

Scholarships will be allocated under three categories :

  • Recent USC research students ( current year )
  • International
  • All other

Scholarship allocation is a competitive process, based on academic and research merit and area of research as determined by the quality assessment model . The Panel will base its assessment of all applications on the evidence provided that will return the highest score possible for each application (e.g. where the applicant has achieved more than one qualification, the Panel’s assessment will be based on the qualification that returns the highest score). If an application’s assessment exceeds the maximum weighting in any of the criteria, this will be highlighted by the Office of Research for the selection panel’s consideration. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor ( Research & Innovation ), through the PGRS Selection Panel, reserves the right to use discretion in the allocation of any scholarships including the number of USC International Research Scholarships funded each year.

The University offers a range of scholarships for HDR candidates. Information about the scholarships offered at USC can be found at :

Scholarships are allocated via scholarship rounds and are awarded based on eligibility and merit. For each scholarship round, an Order of Merit list is produced based on the quality assessment of applicants. In the event of a “tie”, the selection panel, under the direction of the Chair, will moderate to determine a meritorious recipient for the scholarship.

Applicants who are unsuccessful for a scholarship in a given round may apply to be considered for a future round. However, a new application must be submitted.

At the recommendation of the faculty of enrolment, candidates who are successful in their application for admission to candidature outside the annual scholarship round may be offered a USC funded Postgraduate Research Scholarship ( USCRS or USCIRS ). As a condition of the out-of-round scholarship offer, candidates may be required to apply for a Postgraduate Research Scholarship in the next available

Current candidates who are not receiving a scholarship may apply and be considered for a scholarship, but must submit a Scholarship Application by the appropriate closing date. Current candidates who are receiving a University-funded scholarship at APA ( or equivalent ) base rate ( or greater ) are not eligible to apply in future USC scholarship rounds.

Offers of scholarship must be accepted within three months from the date of offer and the candidate enrolled in the year for which the offer was made. A deferment may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

Current international scholarship holders who gain permanent residency must notify the Office of Research immediately and will be transferred to a domestic scholarship without needing to reapply.

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