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CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship Program 2011, Australia

Postgraduate scholarships for graduate students in the field of science and engineering at Australian tertiary institutions.

A full – time postgraduate students for research leading to the award of a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). By doing your doctorate with CSIRO you will have access to world – class facilities and work alongside Australia’s leading research scientists.

PhD students at CSIRO are co – supervised by a university, allowing students to maintain and develop their university connections while being exposed to research in a working environment.

CSIRO offers full and top – up three year Postgraduate Scholarships to high quality students who are enrolled in a PhD at an Australian University.

Top up scholarships are available to those doctoral students who gain or expect to gain an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) or equivalent university award. In some circumstances full scholarships may also be available.

Recipients of Postgraduate Scholarships are generally required to be Australian citizens or have permanent residency status.

However, in fields in which there is a national skill shortage, scholarships may be awarded to overseas candidates, provided they are prepared to seek permanent residency during the studentship.

International students must be able to provide evidence of admission to an Australian university.

CSIRO’s National Research Flagship Program also offers full and top – up scholarships.

How to apply for CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarship :

CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships are available throughout the year and are advertised nationally in major newspapers and on CSIRO’s Positions Vacant.

Postgraduate Scholarships are offered as follows :

  • CSIRO’s corporate Honours and Postgraduate Scholarship Program offers Honours, Top – up and full PhD scholarships which are advertised in  October / November each year.
  • CSIRO’s National Research Flagship Program offers full and top up scholarships which are advertised in September / October / November each year.
  • CSIRO research divisions offer full and top up scholarships throughout the year. These opportunities will be advertised on CSIRO’s Positions Vacant.
  • Details of the application process and requirements for submitting your application will be included in each advertisement.

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