Eberhard Wenzel Scholarship for International Public Health, Australia

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Eberhard Wenzel Scholarship

Eberhard Wenzel Scholarship for International Public Health for Australian and International Students.

Study Subject : International Public Health.

Employer : Griffith University.

Level : Research.

The late Dr Eberhard Wenzel was an academic in the School of Public Health and worked in public health with a range of international health agencies for over 20 years.

Dr Wenzel had a tremendous knowledge and understanding of public health issues facing humanity and his establishment of the Virtual Library for Public Health and the International Public Health Watch websites provided important means for him to engage with others who shared his passion for the field.

The objective of this scholarship is to enable students to undertake research which will advance understanding of a public health topic relevant to the academic interests of the late Dr Eberhard Wenzel.

There is one scholarship valued at $2000, for a student enrolled in either full – or part – time study in the Master of Public Health (research option) or an Honours program with the School of Public Health.

The intent of the scholarship is to support the thesis component of the student’s honours or masters program of study.

Application Deadline : 4th March 2011.

For further scholarship information and application please visit : http://enyila.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/EberhardWenzel2011.pdf.

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