Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship, Australia

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Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship

Study Subject :  Social Policy, Education and Health, Jurisprudence, constitutional law and Commonwealth-State relations, Environment, Heritage, Arts, Indigenous affairs.

Employer :  Adelaide Graduate Centre

Level :  Postgraduate

The purpose of the scholarship is to enable applicants to undertake further postgraduate research study. The scholarship is open to applicants undertaking research which will lead to sound analysis and conclusions for reform capable of practical application and advocacy in Australia, in the fields of :

  • social policy, including policy relating to: social security and welfare payments and income support schemes; taxation; and superannuation and other forms of retirement income provision
  • education and health, as they affect individual and family wellbeing
  • jurisprudence, constitutional law and commonwealth / state relations
  • environment
  • heritage
  • the arts
  • indigenous affairs

The scholarship is intended to supplement a major scholarship held by the recipient at the University of Adelaide, but not to affect the recipient’s ability to accept other major scholarships, nor reduce a major award, subject to the terms and conditions of the major scholarship.


Enabled to do so by a gift to the University of Adelaide by the Ian Wilson Liberal Research & Support Organisation Incorporated, the University has established a number of scholarships and made the following rules relating to them :

  • the scholarship will be formally named the Ian Wilson Liberal Research Scholarship
  • the scholarship is intended to supplement a major scholarship held by the recipient at the University of Adelaide
  • the value of the supplementary scholarship shall be a minimum of $5000 per annum
  • the period of tenure shall be up to a maximum of three years depending on available funding
  • applications must be lodged with the Adelaide Graduate Centre no later than 28 February each year
  • these rules may be varied from time to time but the title and general purpose of the award shall not be changed.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.