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International College of Hotel Management – ICHM Scholarships 2018

Australian Scholarships in the field of Hotel Management at International College of Hotel Management, Australia 2018.

Study Subject ( s ) : Hotel Management
Course Level : Enrolled in the International College of Hotel Management
Scholarship Provider : International college of Hotel Management
Scholarship can be taken at : Australia

Eligibility for ICHM Hotel Management Scholarship 

  • Citizens of Australia, both resident and non-resident. International students attending schools in Australia who  complete a minimum of the last two years of their high school studies in Australia. Students attending Australian International Schools in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Manila and Malaysia are also eligible to apply.
  • Will complete in 2017 or have recently completed Year 12 or equivalent international schooling.
  • Maximum age 22 at time of application.
  • Open only to new students seeking entry into Year 1.
  • For students whose mother tongue is other than English, refer to the ICHM website for IELTS or TOEFL requirements.

ICHM Scholarship Application Form 

 How to apply

Your completed application must contain

  • Scholarship application form.
    This form is in two parts.
    – Cover page found here, please provide your personal contact details.
    – Your response to the 4 short answer questions. Note that there are no right or wrong answers. We simply want to find out more about you and your career aspirations.
  • Brief Resume ( not more than two pages in length ).
  • A Reference Letter ( from either a school teacher, career / university counsellor or employer ).
  • Copies of your school reports for Year 11 and 12 ( to date ).
  • ICHM application form ( unless an application to attend ICHM has already been forwarded ).

The Application form can be found in the ICHM Prospectus, or on the ICHM website. Make sure you make copies of your school reports and Reference Letter for both the ICHM Application Form, and also for Scholarship Application.

Send your completed application to

ICHM Admissions and Administration Office
K Block, 137 Days Road,
Regency Park, SA 5010

You can also email your application form to Applications close on Friday 6th October, 2017.Applications received after the closing date will not be considered for these scholarships

ICHM Scholarship Selection Process

Ten (10) Australian finalists will be invited to an interview in Adelaide, and an economy airfare will be provided to a maximum cost of A$500 per applicant. Balance to be paid by applicant, or applicants can choose to be interviewed by video conference link.

Assessment Criteria
For short listing of applicants

  • School Report 35%
  • CV and references 35%
  • Short Answer Questions 30%

For finalists

  • Panel Interview 70%
  • Short listing criteria 30%

Finalists for interviews will be advised by the first week of November 2017. Where possible, interviews will be conducted during late November / early December 2017 and winners advised immediately thereafter.

Winners will be selected by a panel considering the assessment criteria above and the “person/s most likely to excel at Hotel Management”.

Conditions of Entry

  • Students who meet the scholarship eligibility criteria and ICHM entry requirements can apply for a scholarship. Students who have already applied and been accepted by ICHM for these intakes may also apply by completing the Scholarship Application form.
  • ICHM has two intakes in 2018. ICHM reserves the right to request winners to commence in the second 2018 intake, unless the applicant has been accepted into the first 2018 intake by scholarship closing date.
  • It is a condition of these scholarships that recipients commence in either the first or second intakes of 2018. Should a recipient wish to defer to a later entry than 2018, they will forfeit the scholarship or bursary amount.
  • Once a scholarship recipient has commenced their studies at ICHM, unless they have applied to ICHM in writing and been granted a scholarship deferment, any deferral or withdrawal will result in a forfeiture of the remaining scholarship or bursary amount. Even if they return to ICHM at a later date, they have forfeited their scholarship.
  • ICHM reserves the right to reduce the value of scholarships if there are less than ten applicants in Australia.
  • These scholarships or bursaries can be applied to the ICHM tuition fees or, on-campus accommodation fees (subject to availability).
  • ICHM has been approved by the Australian Government as a FEE-HELP provider. This allows students to borrow money from the Government to fund their studies at ICHM; it is only available to Australian citizens. For more information please follow the links on the ICHM website.
  • The Selection Panel may decide to increase the number of scholarship winners by reducing the scholarship amount.
  • Payment of the scholarship amount on behalf of the student for the Year 2, 3 and 4 of the course will be dependent upon satisfactory academic results and industry placement performance as determined by the ICHM Academic Board.
  • The awarding of the Scholarship payment each year depends on the student paying the balance of the fees as outlined in the prospectus and by the due date in their invoice. Students failing to pay the balance of fees by the invoice due date will forfeit their right to their scholarship or bursary amount.
  • The Scholarships are open to new Year 1 students only. Students currently studying at ICHM are ineligible.
  • Scholarship students failing to comply with the ICHM rules and regulations in relation to personal and ethical behaviour will forfeit their entitlement to the scholarship.

ICHM Scholarship Application Deadline 

The Deadline of the ICHM Scholarship application will be 6th October, 2017 Friday

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.