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The Shakespeare Scholarship, Australia

Scholarship for Undergraduate and Honours Students

The Shakespeare Scholarship is administered by the Department of English in the School of Culture and Communications.

It is awarded to a student who submits the best essay (4000 – 5000 words), in the opinion of the English department board of examiners, on the subject of Shakespeare.

Applicants for the Shakespeare scholarship must submit a completed essay in the dates specified in this notice. Essays will only be accepted between July – January of the following year.

Shakespeare Scholarship Eligibility :

This scholarship is open to :

  • Students enrolled in the course for the degree of Bachelor of Arts who are undertaking a second, third or fourth year English subject, or
  • Students who have qualified not more than one year previously for the degree of Bachelor of Arts with a major in English
  • Students whose essay was completed within 12 months prior to the Award closing date.
  • Local and international students enrolled at the University of Melbourne Applications

Applicants must submit :

  • Postgraduate Scholarships / Prizes Application Cover Sheet
  • state the course they are enrolled in and their year level
  • state if they are a full or part time student
  • Include the title of their essay.

Application Deadline : Monday 31st January 2011.

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