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University of Tasmania – UTAS Scholarships 2018

University of Tasmania offers CSIRO – UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Marine Science , Australia

Study subjects : Quantitative Marine Science
Course level : PhD
Scholarship provider : University of Tasmania
Scholarship can be taken at : Tasmania, Australia.

Eligibility for UTAS PhD Scholarships

  • We are seeking applications from both domestic and international students who meet UTAS Higher Degree entry requirements with a background in mathematics, & / or, statistics,
  • who also have a major in physics, life sciences, chemistry, engineering , geomatics, and / or economics to undertake PhD projects in physical oceanography meteorology, ecological modelling, biogeochemical modelling and fisheries economics.

UTAS PhD Scholarship open for international students

  • Yes, UTAS PhD Scholarships is available for International Students.

UTAS PhD Scholarship description

  • In Australia and overseas, there is a clear demand from government agencies, research institutions and industry for marine scientists with high level quantitative ( mathematical and computational ) skills and training.
  • CSIRO and the University of Tasmania ( UTAS ) have developed the CSIRO – UTAS PhD Program in Quantitative Marine Science ( QMS ) to address this need and offer an exciting and innovative postgraduate opportunity.
  • QMS is hosted by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, an education and research institute working collaboratively towards a greater understanding of temperate marine, Southern Ocean, and Antarctic environments.
  • Students undertake research projects that apply mathematics and statistics to marine science problems of local, national, regional and global significance including :
    1. using advanced skills to make physical, biological or chemical marine science increasingly predictive and quantitative
    2. providing useful predictions based on understandings of ocean processes to allow economic sectors to respond effectively to climate variability
    3. understanding the role of ocean processes in climate change and the influence of oceanic environments on large marine ecosystems
    4. providing quantitative decision tools and processes to enable Australia to effectively manage marine biodiversity, ecosystem function and use of marine resources
    5. A list of available projects can be viewed at

UTAS PhD Scholarship Application Form 

UTAS PhD Scholarship should be applied by online at can apply for multiple scholarships using one application. Please check each individual scholarship/bursary for eligibility guidelines.You can apply for as many awards(scholarships/bursaries) as you have confirmed you are eligible for

How to Apply

  • Go to the scholarships website at There’s also a quick link to Scholarships from the University’s homepage at
  • Click on “Apply for Scholarships”. If you have not started a scholarship application in the past, click on “New Applicant”. If you have created an application in the scholarship cycle already, or have started an application in a previous cycle, click on “Existing Applicant”.
  • As a new applicant you will need to set up a login account by choosing a username and password. If you’re a current University of Tasmania student, you can use your University email username and password. If you are not a current student, choose your own username and password. If the username and/or password is already in use, you’ll be asked to try a different one. Be sure to remember these details; you’ll need themwhen returning to a saved scholarship application. Youwill also need themfor online acceptance of a scholarship or bursaryoffer.
  • You will then need to complete ‘Your Personal Information’. Once complete, click on Next.
  • You can choose Scholarships & Bursaries on the next screen. Select your level of study from the drop-down menu. Click on the ‘Selection Criteria’…link for an easy way to check eligibility details. (Then, by clicking on ‘More information on this award’ a new browser will open to show you the full details of that particular award.) Please read eligibility guidelines for each scholarship / bursary carefully, and only apply for those you are eligible for. Choose which scholarships and / or bursaries  you wantto apply for by ticking the box of each award. Then click Next.
  • The next screens are the ‘Scholarship Questions’. The amount and type of questions you’ll be asked  will depend on which scholarships you have selected. Complete the questions on each page carefully. A short paragraph addressing the question will be enough in most cases. Then click on Nextto move through the following pages. There may be several more pages, depending on the number of awards you’ve selected. At the top of each page the awards to which the questions apply will be shown.
  • The next screen are ‘Marketing Questions’. This information will help us improve how we promote our scholarships. Tick the relevant boxes and then click Next.
  • The next screen will ‘Confirm Application Details’. Check the information carefully to make sure there are no errors. Use Back to go back, or clickNextto go forward.

Completing your Application

  • The final screen is the Declaration page, authorising the University to use the information you’ve provided for the purpose of assessing your application. Read the declaration carefully, and then tick the accept box if you agree to the declaration.
  • Clicking on Logout prior to submitting your application will mean that you can access your application again and add or alter any information.
  • Then, once you’re absolutely certain that your application is complete, click Submit. You won’t be able to access the application again once it’s submitted, so do make sure that it’s complete before submitting your scholarship application.
  • You MUST click Submit for the application to be received by the Scholarships Office. So if intending to save the application until later, make sure that it’s completed and submitted prior to the closing date.
  • Applications are not ableto be submitted online after the closing date. The Scholarships Office does not accept late applications.

UTAS PhD Scholarship application deadline 

Applications for scholarships commencing in Semester 1 of any given year open in the first week of August and close on 31st October, 2017.

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.