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2013 VUT Doctoral Scholarships in Vienna University of Technology

The Faculty of Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology invites application for full time Vienna PhD program in Austria. The duration of PhD is three years which covers cost of living. Austrian and international students are eligible for applying this program.

All courses are taught in English. English language proficiency test is required if students are from non native English speaking countries.

Study Subject ( s ) : Business Informatics, Computational Intelligence, Computer Engineering, Distributed and Parallel Systems, Media Informatics and Visual Computing.
Course Level : Doctoral.
Scholarship Provider : Vienna University of Technology.
Scholarship can be taken at : Austria.

A curriculum for doctoral studies of this kind is atypical for Austrian Universities. In Austria, doctoral students traditionally have fewer courses ( with less curriculum structure ).

This PhD curriculum contains more courses, which are structured around the faculty’s research areas. The student’s personal responsibility and commitment to pursuing research is an important prerequisite for a successful PhD thesis.

The objective of this PhD curriculum is to provide an environment that encourages students to contribute to the advancement of technology through independent creative research.

One objective of doing a doctoral degree is to become an independent researcher, capable of generating, pursuing and communicating novel research ideas. Therefore, students will become involved in research activities as soon as possible.

Eligibility for VUT Doctoral Scholarships 2013

  • The school is designed as an international one, inviting applications world – wide.
  • Scholarships for the Vienna PhD School of Informatics are available for Austrian as well as international students.
  • Students working at TU Vienna are encouraged to apply, up to a defined number. However, they are excluded from funding.
  • Scholarship Open for: Austrian and international students can apply

Vienna University of Technology Number of awards :

1. The PhD School at Vienna University of Technology ( TU Vienna ) admits no more than 15 PhD students per year.

2. Among the admitted students, some may receive a scholarship ( subject to budgetary constraints ).

3. This decision is taken separately.

Duration & Value of Vienna University of Technology Scholarship 2013

Students have to attend the school for three years. During the first two years they have to follow courses, whereas in the third year they exclusively work on their PhD thesis. The program is a full – time one.

Value : A selection of the admitted students may receive a scholarship amounting to EUR 1,000 per month to cover the cost of living ( subject to budgetary constraints ).

VUT Doctoral Scholarship Open for International Students

  • Yes, Vienna University of Technology Doctoral Scholarship is available for International Students.

VUT Doctoral Scholarship Description

  • Vienna PhD School of Informatics involves an intense period of supervised study and research, culminating in the submission of a thesis.
  • The duration of the PhD School is three years.
  • The degree is awarded to candidates who, through original investigation, make a distinct and significant contribution to knowledge in their field of specialisation.
  • The PhD Vienna University of TVienna University of Technology ( TU Vienna ) and admits Austrian as well as International students annually.
  • TU Vienna invites Vienna University of Technology Scholarship applications for a maximum of 15 PhD Scholarships per year.
  • The first study year of the PhD School started in October ( 2009 ).
  • No tuition fees have to be paid by these holders of Vienna University of Technology Doctoral Scholarships.

VUT Doctoral Scholarship Application Form 2013

  • Vienna University of Technology Doctoral Scholarship should be applied by an Email.

VUT Doctoral Scholarship Application Deadline 2013 : 26th May, 2013.

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