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2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Antwerp University

University of Antwerpen offers Postdoctoral Fellowship for Department of Biomedical Sciences Belgium ( 2012 ).

Study Subject ( s ) : Neuroscience, Biology, Electrophysiology, Neuro Engineering.
Course Level : Postdoctoral.
Scholarship Provider : European Commission.
Scholarship can be taken at : Belgium.

Eligibility for Antwerp University Postdoctoral Fellowship 2012 :

  • Applicants must have solid in vitro experience with patch – clamp in brain slices and in primary neuronal cell cultures.
  • Experience in the domains of in Vitro Multielectrode Arrays, Optogenetics, Photoactivation, Analysis of Synaptic Transmission, Neuronal Excitability and population activity will be a plus.
  • Your academic qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the universities policy.
  • You are Quality – Oriented, Conscientious, Creative, Customer – Oriented and Co – operative.

University of Antwerp Postdoctoral Scholarship Open for International Students :

  • No, University of Antwerp Postdoctoral Scholarship is not available for International Students.

Antwerp University Postdoctoral Scholarship Description :

  • Research will focus on : Interfacing novel Materials to Neuronal Microcircuitry as bi – directional nano – scale interfacing devices, as well as on. Using novel Optogenetic and Electrophysiological Techniques for Quantitively dissect Network Electrophysiology and its plasticity, relevant for Natural and Synthetic memories formation, deletion and re – writing.
  • Postdoctoral research, funded by the European Commission, aims ultimately at developing unconventional Scientific & Technological approaches for advancing our understanding on collective emerging behavior in neuronal ensembles, as well as for designing the next generation of neuroprosthetics and cognitive interfaces.

University of Antwerp Postdoctoral Scholarship Application Form 2012 :

  • University of Antwerp Postdoctoral Scholarships should be applied by an Electronically.

Antwerp University Postdoctoral Scholarship Application Deadline 2012 : 31st January, 2012.

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