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Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program ( CGS D ) and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships-Doctoral Program ( PGS D ) provide financial support to high calibre scholars who are engaged in a doctoral program in the natural sciences or engineering. The CGS D will be offered to the top-ranked applicants and the next tier of meritorious applicants will be offered a PGS D. This support allows these scholars to fully concentrate on their studies and seek out the best research mentors in their chosen fields.

Eligiility for Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships

Are you eligible for scholarship support ?

To be considered eligible for support, as of the application deadline date, you must :

  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
  • intend to pursue, in the following year, full-time graduate studies and research at the master’s or doctoral level in an eligible program ( see Eligibility Criteria ) in one of the areas of the natural sciences and engineering supported by NSERC; and
  • have obtained a first-class average ( a grade of “A-” ) in each of the last two completed years of study ( full-time equivalent ).

For degree programs you have completed, provide the date on which all the requirements of your degree were met, including the successful defence and submission of the corrected copy of your thesis (in accordance with your university’s regulations). It is not the conferred or convocation date indicated on your transcript. The Scholarship Liaison Officer ( SLO ) may be asked to confirm the date the degree requirements were met.

Note : You may submit only one application per year to one granting agency (NSERC, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research [ CIHR ] or the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council [ SSHRC ] ).

 Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship Application

To apply for these scholarships, you must complete and submit Form 201 online. Read the instructions on how to complete Form 201.

There is a single application and selection process for the CGS D and the PGS D. The top-ranked applicants will be offered a CGS D, and the next tier of meritorious applicants will be offered a PGS D.

If you are offered a CGS D, but decide to take your award to an eligible foreign university and are eligible to do so, you must decline the CGS D and accept a PGS D award in its place.

How you apply depends on your status at the application deadline date and/or your registration status in the year of application. You must apply either through a Canadian university or directly to NSERC.

The table below presents various possibilities and explains where to submit your application. The table does not display all the possibilities. If you are unsure about how you should apply, send an email to

Note: If you applied directly to NSERC when you were required to apply through a Canadian university, your application will be deemed ineligible and rejected.

Application deadlines :

  • NSERC must receive all applications from Canadian universities by 25th Novemberof each year.
  • If you are applying directly to NSERC, your application must be submitted electronically to NSERC before 8:00 p.m. (ET) on 15th October.

 Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship Selection Criteria

NSERC asks members to consistently guard against the possibility of unconscious bias influencing the decision-making process, whether these biases are based on a school of thought, fundamental versus applied research, certain sub-disciplines, areas of research or approaches (including emerging ones), size or reputation of an institution, age, gender and / or other personal factors of the applicant.

In preparing their application, candidates should consult the Selection criteria and indicators section , which provides useful information on what committee members should look for in assessing applications.

Applicants are evaluated and selected according to the following selection criteria:

  • Academic excellence  ( 30% )
  • Research ability or potential ( 50% )
  • Communication, interpersonal, and leadership abilities ( 20% )

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