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CAHR Special Scholarship 2011 to Master’s Students

The Canadian Association of HIV Research (CAHR) is dedicated to the development of HIV researchers across Canada. The CAHR Special Scholarship to Master’s Students will support the training of Canadian students who are committed to pursuing a career in HIV research.

Applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s degree program and planning to conduct research that is relevant to CAHR’s mission.

The mission of CAHR is to :

  • promote excellence in HIV research;
  • foster collaboration and cooperation among HIV research communities, including basic science, clinical science, epidemiology & public health, and social science;
  • promote education and the development of new researchers;
  • provide a unified voice for Canadian HIV researchers and engage diverse stakeholders (community, industry, Government, NGO’s etc.) in ongoing dialogue and knowledge exchange to ensure that HIV research remains responsive to their needs.


The value of this award will be $15,000 (CAD). The trainee must devote at least 75 percent of his / her time to the designated research and course work and must not simultaneously hold a second major scholarship.

Award period

The successful applicant will be notified of his / her award in Early December, 2010. The award is one year and is expected to begin January 1, 2011. However, it may be postponed for up to six months at the request of the recipient.

Upon submitting an End of Award report, the applicant may request renewal of the award for a second year. Such renewal will be contingent on :

  1. receipt of an acceptable report,
  2. the applicant’s continued enrollment in the academic program, and
  3. the availability of CAHR funds.

End of Award report

Recipients will be asked to provide an End of Award report within two months of termination of the award. Details regarding this report will be communicated to the recipients when the funds are released.

Eligibility for CAHR Special Scholarship

At the time of the application, the applicants must have completed or be in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree and intending to pursue, or already registered in, a full-time Master’s degree program. Persons with a health professional degree who are seeking support for Master’s research training are also eligible.

(Note :  The award will not take effect until proof of registration in a Master’s level degree program is received.)


The supervisor must be an experienced academic with an appointment at a Canadian university, who is able to provide a supportive research environment for the trainee.

The application A complete application must include :

• A letter from the applicant summarizing his / her relevant experience and training to date and describing how the proposed scholarship will fit into his / her career plans;
• A cover letter signed by the applicant’s supervisor, discussing (i) the applicant’s suitability for this award (ii) how the training and career aspirations relate to CAHR’s mission, and (iii) a summary of the supervisor’s current position, research
background (emphasizing any HIV experience) and relevant supervisory experience;
• The applicant’s CV and a copy of transcripts;
• A description (at least one full page) of the proposed program of training and / or research to be conducted under the scholarship, plus any pertinent attachments;
• A letter from the institution where the training will take place, confirming that it is prepared to sponsor this studentship and provide the applicant with suitable space and research facilities;
• Any other documents that the applicant feels are pertinent to the application.


A CAHR review committee will adjudicate the full applications. The adjudication will favour applicants with high potential for developing into future HIV research leaders in one of CAHR’s four research streams (i.e., basic, clinical, social or epidemiological research).

The priority areas for adjudication are :

(i) the achievements, characteristics and abilities of the applicant,
(ii) the quality and potential impact of the proposed research project, and
(iii) the strength of the proposed training environment (including the program and supervisor).

How to Apply for CAHR Special Scholarship

The deadline for receipt of applications is October 29, 2010. Late or incomplete applications cannot be considered. The results of the competition will be announced on December 1.

Applications may be couriered or emailed to the attention of Ms. Jeannine Richard at: Canadian Association of HIV Research 1 Nicholas Street, Suite 1105, Ottawa, ON, K1N 7B7 or by email to:

For more information, please contact Ms. Richard at the above address or by phoning the CAHR office: (613) 241-5785.

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CAHR Doctoral Research Scholarships 2011

CAHR will fund four HIV Research Studentships, one in each of the following research tracks :  Basic Science, Clinical Science, Social Science, Epidemiology / Public Health.

The award is intended to provide special recognition to students who are pursuing a doctoral degree in Canada or abroad and whose main focus is on HIV / AIDS.

The 2010 CAHR awards are being conducted in partnership with the CIHR’s new Doctoral Research Award Program, which will be announced in August as part of CIHR’s latest ‘Priority Announcements’. The amount of each award will be $35,000 per year, for up to three years.

Applicants will have to apply through CIHR’s Researchnet prior to October 15  2010. The award must be held in Canada and the primary research focus of the application must be in HIV / AIDS.

The applicant must indicate a primary research track, although projects that indicate a multidisciplinary approach are strongly encouraged. The successful applicants will be notified early in the new year, and the scholarship term will begin May 1, 2011.


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