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International Real-Decoste Scholarships Program 2011, Canada

Scholarship for doctoral research Climate Changes in an university located in the Province of Québec, Canada

The purposes of the Réal-Décoste scholarships (created by Ouranos) are to foster student interest in research and financially assist the best candidates in undertaking or continuing a research doctorate on climate changes their expected impacts and adaptation strategies.

For more information on the role and goals of the consortium, one may go to the Ouranos website at

Research domains and priorities :

The eligible research domains are as following :

  • climate sciences;
  • applied regional climatology;
  • fields of research related to the impacts of climate changes such as :
    1. hydrology;
    2. biology;
    3. life sciences;
    4. social sciences.

Among those fields, themes deemed priorities by Ouranos are :

  1. historical data;
  2. climate models;
  3. oceanic and atmospheric exchanges;
  4. climate scenarios;
  5. analysis of climate variability;
  6. impacts of climate changes on :
    • permafrost;
    • hydrology and electricity generation;
    • forestry;
    • coastal erosion;
    • water levels;
    • agricultural production;
    • the Saint Lawrence River;
    • tourism;
    • health;
    • water management and treatment systems;
    • energy demand;
    • socio – economic assessments of impacts and adaptation strategies.

Réal-Décoste doctoral research scholarship is directed towards candidates, Canadian citizen or not, who wish to undertake or continue a doctoral university program in a Québec university, in areas related to climatic change and its impacts.

International Real-Decoste Scholarship Eligibility :

Candidates must meet the following eligibility conditions as of the deadline for submitting applications, namely, October 6th, 2010.

  • undertake or continue a doctoral program in an area or a discipline related to climatic changes or their impacts;
  • be accepted or registered in a doctoral program in an university located in the Province of Québec;
  • be already supervised by a research director or having an agreement with a research director accepting to supervise the doctoral research.

Citizenship and Residence :

This competition is open to all candidates wishing to studies in the fields of climate changes without citizenships restrictions.

International Real-Decoste Scholarship Eligibility Period :

Candidates are eligible to doctoral scholarships for a maximum of three years (nine instalments) or up the end of their doctoral program of study, whichever come first.

Candidates for Réal – Décoste doctoral research scholarship must send their application directly to the FQRNT by October 6th, 2010, at the latest. The file must be in an envelope postmarked no later than October 6th, 2010.

Programme de bourses Réal-Décoste Fonds Québécois de la recherche sur la nature et les technologies 140, Grande Allée Est 4e étage, bureau 450 Québec (Québec) G1R 5M8

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