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Jump Start Resuscitation Research Fellowship 2011, Canada

The objective of this award is to attract and foster young investigators to initiate and / or continue research training in the field of resuscitation.

Each application is considered to be a joint submission by the applicant and the identified supervisor, including the development of the research plan.

This Research Fellowship awards are normally tenable in Canadian universities but may, under exceptional circumstances, be awarded to Canadian applicants for study abroad.

Applicants may originate from outside Canada but must conduct their training at a Canadian institution.

A Jump Start Resuscitation Research Fellowship award recipient may not be in receipt of another major Personnel award (i.e. from another national funding agency) at the same time as holding a Personnel Award from HSFC.

However, an awardee may accept supplemental funding (no greater than 50% of the value of the Jump Start Resusciatation award), if it is from a local or provincial funding source.

This award becomes tenable July 1 and must begin by January 1 of the year following the announcement of the competition results.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.