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A KRESCENT Program Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Study Subject :  Allied Healthcare
Employer :  The kindney reserach foundation of Canada
Level :  Postdoctoral

A KRESCENT program Post-Doctoral Fellowship is an “in-training” award intended for applicants with a PhD, MD or equivalent degree. The objective is to attract and foster young investigators to initiate and / or continue training in kidney research.

An awardee may not be in receipt of another major personnel award at the same time as holding the Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the KRESCENT program.

However, the KRESCENT program will consider approving supplemental funding if a minor stipend has been provided from a local or provincial funding agency.

Eligibility for A KRESCENT Program Post-Doctoral Fellowship :

Awards for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship are tenable under the supervision of investigators holding an academic appointment and in areas of investigation where it is clear that the research has direct relevance to kidney disease.

The training program must include involvement in actual research, and not only courses in research methods. Applicants enrolled in programs oriented primarily toward professional specialty training are normally ineligible for the Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Candidates with more than four years of Post-PhD research training by the competition deadline are not eligible to apply for this award. Any interruption in a candidate’s Post-PhD research training will be taken into account in determining eligibility.

Applicants with a MD degree must hold license in Canada or be enrolled in a program leading to certification in Canada at the time of applying for this award. Applicants may propose a program of research leading to a Master’s or PhD degree; however, registration in a graduate program is not a requirement.

Applications for training in clinical research will be considered only if it is clear from the application that at least 80% of the applicant’s time and effort will be devoted to the research project(s) and clinical activities upon which the research project(s) is immediately dependent.

Each application is considered to be a joint submission by the applicant and the proposed supervisor. The research plan should be written in full consultation and agreement between the supervisor and the applicant.

Fellowship Application Deadline for A KRESCENT Program Post-Doctoral Fellowship : January 15 2011

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