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MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship

Study Subject :  Research on Developing collaborations with local industry
Employer : MITACS
Level : Postdoctoral

MITACS has issued a call for proposals to the MITACS Elevate postdoctoral fellowship program. MITACS Elevate is a pilot fellowship program for postdoctoral fellows (PDFs) at Ontario universities to develop collaborations with local industry.

The goals of this program are to :

  • Establish and support applied research projects with demonstrated scientific excellence in sectors of provincial importance;
  • Train PDFs with business R&D skills;
  • Provide PDFs with additional skills such as scientific management, scientific evaluation, project management, communication, networking and other business skills;
  • Help PDFs reach out to industry sectors that are strategically important to Ontario;
  • Help PDFs to identify and secure industrial partners for collaborative research projects;
  • Provide PDFs with opportunities for industrial engagement and interaction;
  • Develop innovative solutions to industrial and societal challenges;
  • Increase retention of PhDs in Ontario and Canada;
  • Encourage the creation of R&D jobs.

Based out of an Ontario University, each MITACS Elevate PDF will carry out a research project with industrial relevance with, or without, an industrial partner. However, MITACS Elevate is not simply funding for research.

This competitive program includes a training component with the intention of helping PDFs develop the necessary professional skills for their chosen career path.

Training in areas such as project management, networking, communication, and scientific evaluation are provided for all participants and further customization is available to develop skills outside of this group.

Elevate fellows who do not have an industrial partner at the time of application are also required to spend a minimum 10% of their time in designing and implementing a plan to engage industry in their particular research area.

In addition to the formal training courses provided to Elevate PDFs, all participants will have the opportunity to obtain relevant, hands-on experience in areas such as scientific management, event organization, and scientific evaluation.

Fellowship Application Deadline for MITACS Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship : 1st November 2010

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