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RNAO Doctoral Fellowships

One doctoral fellowship of $25,000 Cdn is being offered to eligible candidates by the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO). This is a one-year Fellowship, renewable for a second and third year, provided conditions are met.

This doctoral fellowship program, an initiative of the RNAO in partnership with the Government of Ontario, aims to develop research capacity in the evaluation of health (clinical) outcomes.

Financial and / or system outcomes, associated with the implementation of RNAO clinical best practice guidelines, are also to be considered in relation to cost benefits.

As one examines the effect of guideline implementation on the patient/client population, it is important to also analyze the system-wide effect on the proposed health care policy change.

Innovative knowledge transfer strategies are encouraged. However, the focus must be on measuring the impact of knowledge transfer and uptake on outcomes – patient / client and /or community.

These outcomes may be measured via qualitative and/or quantitative methods. Preference will be given to proposals that contribute to one or more components of the Evidence-Informed Service Delivery Models program of research, funded by the CHSRF Research, Exchange, and Impact for System Support (REISS) competition, and lead by the Nursing Best Practice Research Unit (NBPRU).

(See “Executive Summary: Evidence-Informed Service Delivery Models” for details.)

Eligibility Criteria for RNAO Doctoral Fellowships :

  1. Applicants must be a Registered Nurse or equivalent (for international applicants).
  2. Applicants much be enrolled in a PhD program at an accredited Canadian University.
  3. Applicants may be part time or full time students. At the time of award being given (January 2011), the applicant will have completed at least 12 months, but no more than 36 months, of full-time study in the PhD program (or equivalent for part-time students).
  4. Research planning must be initiated. The research focus is to be on the evaluation of patient / client and / or community outcomes associated with the implementation of one or more RNAO clinical best practice guidelines. Health system and / or financial outcomes related to implementation should also be considered.
  5. Working knowledge of the RNAO’s clinical nursing best practice guidelines program and published guidelines is required.
  6. Research supervisor must hold an academic appointment and clearly demonstrate research interest in the area of the applicant’s research focus

Duration of Fellowship (one year program)
Timeframe will be from January 2011 to December 2011

Amount of Fellowship

$25,000 Canadian, renewable for a second and third year, provided conditions are met. (see “Minimum Annual Requirements” document for details).

Requirements for the RNAO Doctoral Fellowship

  1. Applicants are required to submit a “Notification of Intent to Submit” form by Friday, October 08, 2010. The completed “Notification of Intent” form (see attached) should be submitted by email to Heather McConnell at hmcconnell@rnao.org,
  2. Applicants are requested to submit a complete and accurate proposal (including all supporting documentation) by the submission deadline. Eight copies of the completed proposal are to be submitted; one copy must have original signatures.

The proposal package will include the following :

a)Completed application form (see attached)

b)Narrative description of research interest (4 page maximum) :

?Research questions and proposed methodology
?Relevance of research to RNAO’s nursing best practice guidelines and evaluation of clinical outcomes/health experiences,
?Brief description of financial and/or system outcomes (approximately 1-3) to be evaluated in relation to guideline implementation. (See “Consideration of Financial Outcomes” document for suggested questions for consideration).
?Brief description of future career plans.

c)Applicant’s CV (educational background, work experience, research experience, previous funding, publications, and associations).

d)Proof of PhD or Post-doctoral studies acceptance.

e)Official transcripts from all graduate programs attended. Grades from completed PhD courses, where applicable, are to be included.

f)Letter of support from research supervisor. The letter must indicate the specific research focus.

g)CV of primary research supervisor.

h)Two letters of reference demonstrating applicant’s capacity to undertake and complete research.

Submission of fellowship applications

Please send all proposal submissions to the attention of :

Doris Grinspun, Executive Director,
c/o Heather McConnell,
Associate Director, International Affairs and Best Practice Guidelines Programs,
Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario,
Nursing Best Practice Doctoral Fellowships,
158 Pearl Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada,
M5H 1L3.

Closing Date for RNAO Doctoral Fellowships : November 2, 2010 (noon, EST)

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