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TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

If you’re a young Canadian who has made a difference in your community, we want to hear from you. The TD Scholarship for Community Leadership rewards students who have shown leadership in many areas including environmental cleanup, the promotion of social justice, and the fight against child poverty, to name just a few.

Your outstanding and consistent concerns for the improvement of your community, could make you eligible for a scholarship to cover the cost of your post-secondary education.

Twenty TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are awarded to students in their last year of high school ( outside Quebec ) or CEGEP ( in Quebec ) who have demonstrated leadership in improving their community. Each scholarship has a value of up to $70,000 and includes:

  • Up to $10,000 for tuition per year ( for up to a maximum of four years )
  • $7,500 a year for living expenses ( for up to a maximum of four years )
  • An offer of paid summer employment
  • Mentorship Opportunities
  • Annual gatherings, networking opportunities and more

Eligibility for TD Scholarships

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership are intended to serve the needs of all Canadian families and communities.Scholarships are open to students across Canada who –

  • Are in their final year of high school, or CEGEP ( in Quebec )
  • Have demonstrated outstanding community leadership
  • Obtain a minimum overall average in their most recently completed full year of school of 75%

Doing good for others during difficult times in one’s own life requires particularly outstanding commitment. This is why, as part of the selection process, the personal circumstances and / or challenges of each applicant will be considered.

TD Scholarship Application Form

Before mailing your application, ensure that it contains all these documents in the following order :

Required :

  • this application form, fully completed and signed;
  • three copies of an essay of up to 600 words by you describing your community leadership.

Tell us :

  • why you got involved,
  • whether and how your involvement shows initiative and innovation,
  • the way your efforts have strengthened others,
  • how long you have been involved,
  • what you think the long-term impact will be,
  • how your community has affected you.

In addition, include a brief description of the range of your other community activities.

  • an official transcript of your academic record;
  • a letter of recommendation from your school, written and signed ( electronic signatures will notbe accepted ) by a senior official, such as your principal, guidance counsellor or teacher;
  • two letters of support or confirmation written and signed ( electronic signatures will not be accepted ) from the community group, groups
    or individuals who have been the focus of the community leadership involvement on which this application is based.

If there are exceptional circumstances whereby any of these three letters cannot be provided, you may include a letter detailing those special circumstances.

Optional :

  • three copies of an essay of up to 250 words, describing your family and personal circumstances ( family employment, economic situation, etc. ) or other extenuating circumstances you feel may be relevant to the consideration of your application;
  • an essay of up to 250 words in length, detailing your activities if you have taken a year or more away from high school or CEGEP.

No other material will be presented to the judges.Materials cannot be returned. Please retain a copy of this application for your records.

Applicants selected as finalists will be notified by the end of February, 2017, and interviewed by a selection panel in March or April. Scholarships will be awarded at a national ceremony in early May.

All applicants will be notified in writing by the end of May, 2017 as to their status.

All applications and correspondence should be sent by registered mail to :
Universities Canada
Ref: TD Scholarships
for Community Leadership
350 Albert Street, Suite 1710
Ottawa, ON K1R 1B1

TD Scholarship Application Deadline 

All applications and supporting documents must be received no later than 18th November, 2016. No applications will be accepted after the deadline regardless of the postmark date. Please do not send applications by fax or email, as they will not be considered. This application may be filled in and submitted online ( / scholarships ) or filled out and mailed. In either case, your essays, letters and transcripts MUST be sent by MAIL.

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