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2012 UNB Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarship for Undergraduate Students at University of New Brunswick Canada ( 2012 – 2013 ).

Study Subject ( s ) : Courses offered by University of New Brunswick.
Course Level : Undergraduate.
Scholarship Provider : University of New Brunswick.
Scholarship can be taken at : Canada.

Eligibility for UNB Undergraduate Scholarships 2012 :

  • Applicants for University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Scholarships should review the Eligibility requirements listed below closely along with using the checklist provided to ensure all required documents are included when applying.
  • University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Scholarship applications that are missing required documents will be immediately disqualified.
  • Applicants must meet the following requirements :
    • You must be a Canadian citizen or have a Permanent Resident card.
    • You must be a female Undergraduate student enrolled full time in an accredited Canadian Engineering program at a Canadian university.
    • While there is no limitation on the number of Undergraduate Scholarship applications from any University or program, you can not apply to more than one Vale or CEMF Scholarship a year. You can not win Undergraduate Scholarship more than once. You can, if unsuccessful this year, reapply in subsequent years to Undergraduate Scholarship or another CEMF Scholarship.
    • For Four Year Programs : You must be in your first year, second year or the first term of your third year, prior to the January deadline.
    • For Five Year Programs : You must be in first year, second year, third year or the first term of your fourth year, prior to the January deadline.
    • You must be a leader, a volunteer and an active person in your community and or University of New Brunswick. Undergraduate Scholarships are awarded based primarily on how you are involved in your own community and the leadership skills that you have demonstrated. There is a special emphasis is placed on leadership and encouraging others to contribute to bettering Canadian society.
    • Grades do not constitute a criterion for the award of University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Scholarship.
    • You must be willing to act as a role model to encourage other women to pursue a career in Engineering, University of New Brunswick Scholarship recipients must give a presentation to a High School level audience using the presentation prepared for this Undergraduate Scholarship application. Your ability to effectively communicate with these younger students will be a primary criterion.
    • You must give permission for your photo and name to be used by Vale and CEMF for Undergraduate Scholarship promotional purposes.
    • You must have 100 per cent completed the Undergraduate Scholarship application requirements and submitted them by the stated deadline.
    • You are aware this is a competition and a judging panel will use specific guidelines to select the recipients. Judges reserve the right not to issue 4 any Undergraduate Scholarships in any given year depending on the quality of the University of New Brunswick Scholarship applications. All decisions of the judges are final.

UNB Undergraduate Scholarship Open for International Students :

  • No, University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Scholarship is not available for International Students.

UNB Undergraduate Scholarship Description :

  • Currie Undergraduate Scholarships were established by Richard James Currie, O.C., C.B.H.F., M.B.A, L.L.D., P.Eng. installed as Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick in May ( 2003 ) and are awarded annually to students beginning an Undergraduate degree program at the University of New Brunswick upon Graduation from a High School in any of the four Atlantic Provinces.
  • Currie Undergraduate Scholarships are intended to support the Education of future leaders.
  • Applicants are therefore asked to submit an essay ( not less than 250 words ) giving the Selection Committee an indication of their leadership capabilities to date, including ( but not limited to ) school and Extra – Curricular Activities.
  • Required in the essay is evidence of overcoming barriers or difficult situations.
  • A total of four Currie Undergraduate Scholarships will be awarded as follows :
    • Value : A total of $50,000 each, awarded as follows :
    • Year 1 : $15,000
    • Year 2 : $13,000
    • Year 3 : $12,000
    • Year 4 : $10,000 ( with possibility of funding for 5th Year for Engineering Students ).

UNB Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form 2012 :

  • University of New Brunswick Undergraduate Scholarship should be applied by Post.

UNB Undergraduate Scholarship Application Deadline 2012 : 1st March, 2012.

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