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PhD scholarship in Modular Playware Technology at DTU

Study Subject : Playware, Modern Artificial Intelligence, Modular Robotics, Human – Robot Interaction, Play, and Play Culture.

Employer : Center for Playware at DTU Electrical Engineering.

Level : Phd.

A 3 – year PhD scholarship is available at the Center for Playware at DTU Electrical Engineering.

We conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of playware, including research in modern artificial intelligence, modular robotics, human – robot interaction, play, and play culture.

The project is an integral part of the project Modular Playware Technology, together with the companies LEGO and Advance, aimed at developing intelligent and adaptive modular technology for the toy products of tomorrow.

The project will focus on developing a novel interactive technology – modular playware technology – by combining modular robotics and modern artificial intelligence (AI) to create technological toy products that will motivate users to interact with these products.

You will collaborate with other researchers and industry to incorporate the general playware understanding of how to move the user into a state of play in the development of intelligent technology by basing the technology on embodied artificial intelligence methods on adaptation and modularity.

Modular sensory – action systems and machine learning approaches for classifying human interactions will be researched, developed and exploited. This will form a novel approach for human – machine interaction technology to create highly motivating products.

Application Deadline : 3rd December 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.