Marine and Coastal Engineering PhD Scholarship, Denmark

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Marine and Coastal Engineering PhD Scholarship, Denmark

Three PhD Scholarships are available for those candidates who have a master’s degree in hydraulic or coastal engineering with experience, Denmark

The scholarship’s will play an integral part of the project : Marine Structures of the Future, financed by the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation through a corporation with the GTS – institute DHI.

The background for the project is the extensive development of coastal and offshore areas due to implementation of offshore wind turbines, aquaculture, impact of climate changes on coastal structures and large scale dredging operations that will take place in connection with these developments but also in connection with construction of bridges and submerged tunnels.

Subject 1 : Stability of stone covers

One of the most important failure mechanisms in stone covers like for instance breakwaters and scour protection is edge failure.

The failure can be caused by :

  1. a combination of geotechnical instability and edge erosion,
  2. due to migration of large scale morphology, or
  3. liquefaction of the supporting soil.

This study will focus on (1) and (3). To investigate these mechanisms extensive physical model experiments will be carried out and the mechanism will also be studied by Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Subject 2 : Wave interaction with porous coastal structures

The effect of the porosity will be directly analyzed in physical model tests and through direct numerical simulation of the flow and turbulence between large stones.

Hereby solid understanding of the flow inside a porous structure will be evaluated and the forces on the single stones can be analyzed.

Further, the over topping and transmission of waves shall be investigated in detail, also in cases with breaking wave impact.

Subject 3 : Deposition, consolidation and re-suspension of dredged material

The deposition, consolidation and re-suspension of fine material (silt, and / or clay) in connection with dredging operations shall be investigated.

This includes density effects on the flow and sedimentation of fine material (silt, and clay), and also consolidation and re-suspension processes of the deposited material.

As part of the study a detailed numerical model based on CFD will be developed and used to investigate the initial spreading and deposition of dredged material.

PhD Scholarship Qualifications :

The successful candidates should have a master’s degree in hydraulic or coastal engineering with experience, preferably at the Master Thesis level, on some of the following subjects; wave – structure interaction, free – surface flows, sediment transport, density currents, numerical analyses, and physical model tests.

Both newly graduated as well as candidates from industry are welcome to apply for the positions.

Application deadline : 5th October 2010.

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