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2013 DTU PhD Fellowship in Technical University of Denmark

PhD Fellowship in the Department of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark Denmark ( 2013 ).

Study Subject ( s ) : Bio mimetic membranes for sensor and separation applications.
Course Level : PhD.
Scholarship Provider : Technical University of Denmark.
Scholarship can be taken at : Denmark.

The Department of Physics at the Technical University of Denmark ( DTU ) currently have two open PhD positions within the field of bio mimetic membranes for sensor and separation applications. The research is supported by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation via the ” IBISS : Industrial Bio mimetic Sensing and Separation ” platform and is carried out mainly at the Technical University of Denmark ( DTU ), but with strong collaboration with other partners within the IBISS network.

DTU PhD – 1 :

  • The successful candidate will be responsible for experiments related to stabilizing proteins in biomimetic membrane materials and participate in developing relevant structural and functional assays.
  • A strong background in experimental biophysics, in particular in the areas of membrane – protein interactions, molecular biology, fluorescence spectroscopy, and membrane transport ( including fluid dynamics ) will be advantageous.
  • The candidate will perform a thorough study to optimize system performance, address potential limitations, and to find corresponding technical solutions.

DTU PhD – 2

  • The successful candidate will be responsible for developing new innovative biomimetic processes integrating sensing and separation to concentrate / recover / degrade solutes thereby enhancing industrial processes.
  • This includes Hybridization and synergistic coupling of sensing and separation technologies by identifying osmotic gradients in industrial processes suitable for membrane-based water – extraction / solute up – concentration and coupling this to enzyme – based recovery / degradation.
  • Development of biomimetic membranes and design / repurposing of enzymes for binding / recovery and for degradation of undesired pollutants. A strong background in experimental and theoretical biophysics, in particular in the areas of molecular biology and the use of advanced quantum level modeling, e.g. molecular mechanics methods and self – consistent field and density functional theory is required.

Eligibility for DTU PhD Fellowship 2013 :

  1. Candidates should have an MSc degree in engineering or a similar degree and preferably with a proven research track record documented in peer – reviewed publications.
  2. In order to obtain academic approval, a student must have an MSc grade point average of at least 8 ( 7 grade scale ) in addition to having received a high grade on the Master’s thesis ( 10 / 12 ). Instructions on how to convert your grades in the 7 grade scale are found at DTU’s homepage.

DTU PhD Scholarship Description :

  • Successful candidate will be working on a project concerning characterization of gene regulatory proteins in clinical isolates of infecting bacteria.
  • PhD position is part of a team of Scientist working with long term infection of bacteria in human airways.
  • A key objective of the PhD project is to investigate mutations in gene regulatory proteins and determine their effects on protein functionality / activity.
  • This is accomplished using a combination of Biochemical and Molecular Methods such as Genome wide mapping of transcription factor binding sites.

DTU PhD Scholarship Application Form 2013

  • Technical University of Denmark PhD Scholarships should be applied by Online.

DTU PhD Fellowship Application Details 2013

  • Please submit your online application no later than 14th November, 2013.
  • Applications must be submitted as one pdf file containing all materials to be given consideration.
  • To apply, please open the link “Apply online,” fill in the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one pdf file. The file must include :
  • A letter motivating the application ( cover letter )
  • Curriculum vitae, Grade transcripts and BSc / MSc diploma
  • Excel sheet with translation of grades to the Danish grading system Names ( and E – Mail addresses or telephone numbers ) of 2 – 3 references.

DTU PhD Scholarship Application Deadline 2013 : 14th November, 2013 .

Contact Details :

Technical University of Denmark
Anker Engelunds Vej 1,
Building 101A,
2800 Kgs. Lyngby,
Telephone Number : + 45 – 45 25 25 25.
Website :

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