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Design Impact Fellowship

Study Subject : Design

Employer : Design Impact

Level : Hoding a Bachelor’s

Scholarship Description :

In November 2019, Design Impact will celebrate our second year of embedded design by assigning our first round of full time designers, or “Fellows”, to Indian organizations–kicking off five projects that apply design to social and environmental issues.

As a Design Impact Fellow you will :

Live and work for six months amongst the challenges faced by resource-poor communities.Learn about international development and non-profit structures from a unique perspective.Play a leadership role on a design project that has measurable positive outcomes for society.

Use your design skills in non-traditional functions such as organizational capacity building, product distribution patterns, partnership development, and solution implementation.

Design Impact Fellowship Scholarship Application Deadline : June 1st,  2019.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.