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MARUM Fellowships
Study subject :  Marine, Ocean

Employer :  Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, University of Bremen

Level :  PhD

The DFG Research Center / Cluster of Excellence.

“The Ocean in the Earth System” (MARUM) a the University of Bremen, Germany, aims at unravelling the significance of the oceans within the framework of global change, quantifies interactions between the marine geosphere and biosphere, and provides information for a sustainable use of the ocean.

With this announcement, up to two MARUM Fellowship awards are being offered. We seek enthusiastic and dynamic individuals with a demonstrated record in interdisciplinary marine research.

Specific interests of MARUM are directed towards the understanding of

  1. the role of the ocean in the climate system using especially paleoclimatological information in combination with Earth-system modeling,
  2. geosphere-biosphere interactions, including gas and fluid seepage, life in extreme environments, as well as microbe-mineral interactions, and
  3. sediment dynamics, including the stability of ocean margins and sediment-dynamics in coastal and shelf-sea areas (see for further information).

MARUM Fellows are expected to develop their own research program within the scientific framework provided by MARUM. The Fellows will be integrated in a stimulating and supportive environment that provides ideal conditions for scientific growth.

MARUM Scholarship Application Deadline : 31  December  2010

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.