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Indian Institute of Technology – IIT Kharagpur Scholarship 2015

Indian Institute of Technology,
Kharagpur- 721 302.

Online Applications are invited in the prescribed forms for RENEWAL of Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship/ Free Studentship for the Academic Session 2015-16, from the students of 2nd Year onwards of B.Tech. (including Dual Degree upto 4th Year) B.Arch./5-Year Int. M.Sc. Course who were awarded MCM Scholarship /Free studentship in the preceding session 2014-15. Number of MCM Scholarship awardees shall be restricted to 25% of the students admitted in each year.

Merit Criterion : The students’ academic performance in the two consecutive semesters of the preceding Session (2014-15 ) i.e. the GPA (Credit based weighted average) of preceding two semesters as updated after the Supplementary Examination which followed the Session, must not be lower than 7.00 without any back log subject(s) and clearing all prescribed credit requirements during the session 2014-15. Students who have backlog in any subject(s) including EAA and could not clear during the same session i.e. in 2014-15, are not eligible for MCM Scholarship & Free studentship for 2015-16.

Means Criterion : The Gross Annual Income of a student’s parents/ guardian and his family from all sources in the preceding financial year of 2014-15 (from 1st April 2014 to 31stMarch, 2015) must not exceed Rs.4,50,000/-(Rupees Four Lakhs Fifty thousand only). While computing the Gross Annual Income of the family, the Income from all sources of both parents and income in student’s name, if any, will also be taken into consideration for applying the Means Criterion for all the classes. In case of the parents who are in service (salaried class), the Gross Annual Income of the parent as shown in their IT Form16 for the corresponding financial year will be taken in to account to determine the Annual Income.

Eligibility Criteria for IIT Kharagpur Scholarship 2015

Those students who satisfy the specified “Means Criterion” as stated above , but do not satisfy “Merit Criterion” , may be granted exemption from payment of Tuition Fee, subject to approval on merit of each case by the competent authority subject to clearing all prescribed credit requirement during the session 2014-15 and having no backlog subject(s)including EAA.

List of Documents to be submitted for IIT Kharagpur Scholarship 2015

Following documents to be submitted along with MCM Scholarship Application ( RENEWAL ) for 2013-14 for different Classes of guardians Occupation

For Salaried Class ( Guardians’ who are in service either in Govt. or Private )

  1. Salary Certificate for the Financial Year 2014-15 (from 01.04.14 to 31.03.15) in prescribed Form ‘A given in Annexure II duly sealed/stamped by the Salary Disbursing Officer.
  2. Attested Copy of IT Form 16 to be issued by employer for the year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16) : submission of these two documents are mandatory Low income group of salaried class, who need not submit IT Form 16, they have to submit an attested copy of Income Certificate from local District Authorities like S.D.O./B.D.O./M.R.O./TAHASILDER/ Chairman/ Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation etc. instead of IT Form 16.

For Non-Salaried Class ( Guardians’ who are not in service Such as Businessmen, Agriculture / Legal or Medical Practitioners, Consultants, Private Tutors, Retired without pension / Agent / Self-Employed persons. )

  1. An Annual Income Affidavit for the financial year 2014-15 in a Non-Judicial Stamp for ₹ 20/-sworn in before preferably a First Class Magistrate / Notary Public as per the format.
  2. Attested Copy of Income Certificate from local District Authorities like S.D.O./ B.D.O./M.R.O./ TAHASILDER / Chairman / Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation etc. in addition to Income Affidavit and other documents as stated above & below.
  3. Attested copies of ITR Form/IT Return as applicable ( to be attested by a Govt. Officer), for the year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16) duly stamped/sealed from concerned Income Tax Office. Copy of Registration Certificate must be submitted in case of Medical Practitioner and Legal Practitioner.
  4. Those who Retired without Pension, they have to submit Retirement/Termination/ Superannuating letter/documents/papers etc. along with Income Affidavit, Income & Non-employment Certificate from local District Authorities like S.D.O. / B.D.O. /M.R.O./ TAHASILDER, Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation, Panchayet Officer etc , Income Tax documents , if applicable, as stated in item 2) a, b, & c above.

N.B. : SUBMISSION THESE TWO DOCUMENTS as stated in 2 (a & b) above, ARE MANDATORY FOR ANY CLASS OF OCCUPATION IN CASE OF NON-SALARIED GUARDIANS.( such as Agriculture, Business class, self-employed, Legal / Medical Practitioners / Retired without Pension / Private Tutors / Contractors / Consultants etc. )

For Pensioners / Family Pensioners

Annual Pension Payment Certificate for the year 2014-15 in prescribed For ‘C’ to be issued by the Pension Disbursing Officer

An Income & Non-employment Certificate from local District Authorities like S.D.O. / B.D.O. /M.R.O./ TAHASILDER, Chairman/ Executive Officer of Municipal Corporation etc. for the year 2014-15 also to be submitted in addition to other documents as stated in item 3) a & b above.

Submission these two documents as stated in 3 (a & b) above, are mandatory for the guardians who are either pensioner or family pensioner.

Copy of PPO, Superannuating/Retirement/Termination letter and attested copies of IT. Documents, if any.

How to Apply for IIT Kharagpur Scholarships 2015 : Student can download the Form from Institute Website : www.iitkgp.ac.in

Filled Application forms duly enclosing the attested copies of their Guardians’ Annual Income Certificate as applicable according to their guardians’ occupational status ( i.e. If Service then Salary Certificate, Annex-III-Form’A with other relevant enclosures / if Business, Agriculture etc. then Affidavit, Annex-IV, Form-B with other relevant enclosures / if Pensioner, then Pension Certificate Annex-V, Form C with other relevant enclosures as applicable, as stated in the Annexure-I-“List of Documents”), to be submitted to the Academic( UG ) Section ( Scholarship Group ) on or before 30th August, 2015 ( Friday ) by hand.

Important Dates of IIT Kharagpur Scholarships 2015

Last Date of submission of IIT Kharagpur Scholarship 2015 : 31st July, 2015

Note : Before filling the form read carefully the enclosed Notification.

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