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Research Fellowship in Politecnico di Milano 2017

Every year, the University offers deserving students without means a number of financial benefits that include scholarships, grants for participation in international mobility programmes, graduation awards, loans at special interest rates, and subsidised accommodation and catering.

Diritto Allo Studio Universitario ( Dsu )

Every year in June sees the call to assign benefits for the right to study (“diritto allo studio DSU”). Below there are some general indications regarding the contents of the call.

This sum of money is issued in two instalments. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the economic conditions and social conditions onsite, commuting and offsite students. For example, during academic year 2017 /2018 student scholarships range from a minimum of € 1,188, for “onsite” students coming from the highest income band, to a maximum of € 5,139 for “offsite” students from the lowest income bracket.

Degree Awards

The Degree Award is a contribution of € 1,000 reserved for any students winning scholarships who graduate in a Master of Science programme within the terms indicated by the Call.

Discounteed Accomodation

The Politecnico gives offsite students the chance to request, as well as the scholarship, accommodation in one of the campuses in Milan or in the other sites of the University.

Extraordinary Grants

Extraordinary grants are benefits that can be applied for by students who find themselves in difficulties caused by serious events that have affected their ability to continue studying. For example:

  • serious economic problems due to the premature death, unemployment, laying off, mobility, bankruptcy, etc. of a family member;
  • if you or a family member has developed a serious illness, has had an accident of any kind, or needs rehabilitation;
  • natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc.

Precedence will be given to events that occurred during the two years preceding application.
Eligibility :

You can apply if you are a student enrolled in a Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science), a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science), a Single-Cycle or a PhD programme of Politecnico di Milano.

Grant Amount
Grants will not exceed:

  • €2,200 for non-resident students
  • €1,600 for resident and commuting students

The Committee may award a special grant, in whole or in part, in the form of total or partial exemption from payment of university rates and contributions or in the form of services (e.g. canteen card, accommodation services, etc.).

Politecnico di Milano Application Form 2017

Diritto Allo Studio Universitario ( Dsu )
Applications can be made by all students enrolled in a laurea, laurea magistrale, single-cycle study programme and doctoral programme for research and specializing course.

ATTENTION : students may apply even before registration or enrolment; however the application presented will only be valid upon registration or enrolment within the terms set by the academic calendar. Students must complete the form that can be downloaded from the online services at “Subsidies and Agreements -> Financial aid benefits application submission” within the deadline set by the call.

To complete the application, students must click the link “Close the application and print receipt”. Once closed, the application can no longer be modified. At the end of the procedure, a summary sheet will be sent to the student’s university email address or to the address given by the student when registering.

Extraordinary Grants
To apply:

  • Fill out the form
  • Attach all documentation required by art. 3 of the regulations
  • Address the application and all the relating documentation to the Rector of  Politecnico di Milano (stating “application for extraordinary grants”)
  • Deliver the application by hand or by registered mail or by certified mail to the Protocol and Archive Service of Politecnico di Milano – Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 – 20133 Milano.

Applications emailed to other email addresses will not be considered valid. Applications for extraordinary grants will be assessed by a Committee appointed by the Rector.

Politecnico di Milano Application Deadline 2017

Diritto Allo Studio Universitario ( Dsu )
For A.Y. 2017 / 2018 the online application form must be submitted within midday of

  • 14th July, 2017, for students enrolling for years subsequent to the first for all programmes, including students enrolling for years subsequent to the first of PhD and specializing programmese.
  • 11th August, 2017, for students enrolling in the first years of all programmes, including students enrolling in the first year of Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) programmes as from the second semester and including students enrolling for the first year of PhD and specializing programmes.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.