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PhD Scholarship in University of Milan

To start the PhD fellowship payment procedure, enrolled students are required to send the  banking data form to the Staff Salary and Career Division, Training and Research Contracts Office, via e-mail to or by fax to the number 02/50313315.

Any variation in personal and banking data during the period of validity of the fellowship must be notified in the same manner by the 10th day of the month using the same form.The PhD fellowship consists of an annual gross sum of €16,350.00 and is paid monthly in arrears. Every three months, the coordinator will send the office a certificate of attendance.The regional study tax, the insurance premium (double for those enrolled in the last year) and stamp duty (currently totalling €156) arededucted annually from the amount of the fellowship.
The PhD fellowship is not subject to declaration in tax returns or to IRPEF (personal income tax) (Law 476/84 art 4; Law 398/89 art 6, section 6).It is possible to consult details of the payments online.

Registration with INPS

Every PhD fellowship holder is required to registrate as collaborator with INPS (the Italian National Social Security Institute) – separate management of self-employed workers, to have social security contribution paid: two thirds are charged to University, one third to the Phd student.
Currently this contribution amounts to 30.72% (23.50% for those registered with other social security funds (e.g. those who are mandatory for members of professional orders  – Enpam , Enpav, etc.)

From the second year on, the total amount of the fellowship and INPS contribution paid yearly by the University is available on line.

Periods of study abroad and increase of the fellowship

PhD students who spend periods of study or research abroad (not less than one month and not more than 18 months) are entitled to a 50% increase in the fellowship.

The  application for increase of the fellowship must be submitted to the PhD Students Secretariat prior to departure, by fax (+39025313731) or email through the online service Infostudenti.

For the payment, the certificates of attendance must be sent by the 5th day of the month to the Training and Research Contracts Office, by fax (+39 0250313307) or email (

In addition to an increase for study abroad, PhD students may request refund of travel, accommodation expenses and conference registration fees, contacting the administrative secretariat of the department of the related PhD program in the case in which funds are available.

Grant for research activities

Starting from the 2nd year, each PhD student is provided with a grant for research activities of  Euro 1,650, which is paid, at the request of the PhD student, by the Department of the tutor of the PhD student.

Teaching and tutoring activities

PhD students may carry out supplementary, preparatory and recovery teaching and tutoring activities vis-à-vis students of Master’s and single-cycle degree programs for a maximum of 100 hours in each academic year, of which maximum 40 hours for supplementary, preparatory and recovery teaching activities pursuant to art. 45 of the General Regulation of the University.


In the case of pregnancy, students must notify the University according to the instructions provided in the pages of the Workplace Safety and Prevention Service.

Female PhD students who have been awarded a study fellowship and are, therefore, registered with INPS – separate management of self-employed workers and not insured with other mandatory social security schemes (Enpam, Enpav etc.) are entitled to maternity benefits paid by INPS. The benefits are paid by INPS at the request by the person concerned and the application must beaccompanied by the certification required according to the category of the persons registered. For further information, consult the INPS site.

The University has also resolved that, for the 5 months of mandatory maternity leave, a contribution will be paid to female PhD students, as integration between the amount paid by INPS as maternity benefit and the gross amount of the PhD fellowship for the 5 months of mandatory maternity leave.

Female PhD students may apply for this contribution following disbursement of the benefit paid by INPS, emailing their application to

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