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International Affairs Fellowship

CFR awards a small number of fellowships annually to individuals with outstanding project proposals. The program provides fellows the opportunity to carry out research while affiliated with a cooperating institution in Japan (see list on reverse).

The goal of the International Affairs Fellowship is to strengthen the U.S.- Japan relationship by expanding American understanding of Japan and enhancing communication between Americans and Japanese on global problems.

Eligibility for International Affairs Fellowship :

The program is only open to U.S. citizens between the ages of twenty-seven and forty-five. The program is intended primarily for those without prior experience in Japan, although the selection committee has made exceptions when it considered that the fellowship would allow an individual to add new dimension to his or her relationship to Japan.

While a PhD is not a requirement, successful candidates generally hold advanced degrees and possess a strong record of work experience and firm grounding in the field of foreign policy.

The program does not fund pre- or postdoctoral research, work toward a degree, or the completion of projects for which substantial progress has been made prior to the fellowship period. Knowledge of the Japanese language is not a requirement.

Application, Proposal, and Criteria :

Applications are primarily by invitation, on the recommendation of individuals in academic, government, and other institutions. Others who inquire directly and meet preliminary requirements may also be considered. Application materials will be forwarded to those invited to apply. Following a preliminary review by the selection committee, candidates selected as finalists will be interviewed.

The selection committee deems the following criteria of particular importance : scholarly qualifications; achievements and promise; depth and breadth of professional experience; firm grounding in foreign policy and international relations; and a proposal that focuses on solutions to identified problems in U.S. foreign policy.

Candidates are encouraged to plan a systematic approach to assessing the major substantive and process issues of their planned research. The proposal will be judged on the proposed work’s originality, practicality, potential, likelihood of completion during the fellowship period, and the contribution it will make to the candidate’s individual career development.

Award :

The duration of the International Affairs Fellowship is between three and twelve months. The program awards a stipend. Fellows are considered independent contractors rather than employees of CFR, and are not eligible for employment benefits including health insurance.

Review and Selection Schedule :

  • Deadline for Nominations : September 30, 2010
  • Applications Due: November 19, 2010
  • Initial Selection Committee Meeting: January 2011
  • Announcement of Finalists : Late January 2011
  • Finalists Interviewed : February 2011
  • Final Selection Committee Meeting : March 2011
  • Announcement of Awards : Late March 2011

IAF in Japan Recipients, 1997 – 2010
Contact Information :

Fellowship Affairs
Council on Foreign Relations
58 East 68th Street
New York, NY 10065
212.434.9489 fax 212.434.9870

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