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National Overseas Scholarships/Passage Grant for Sc, Etc.

Candidates For The Selection Year 2007-2008.

Applications in the prescribed format are invited for 30 overseas scholarships and 5 passage grant from eligible candidates belonging to the following categories: –

Sr.No. Category No. of Scholarship No. of Passage Grant
1. Scheduled Castes 27 04
2. Denotified Nomadic and semi-Nomadic Tribes 02 01
3. Landless Agricultural Labourers and Traditional Artisans 01

30% of the awards shall be earmarked for women candidates.

The Scholarship is awarded for higher studies abroad in specified field of Engineering, Technology and Science and covers cost of Fees etc. and other educational expenses including maintenance, contingency allowance, and travel expenses etc. for various courses at Masters? and Ph. D level only.

For the passage grant, only those candidates are eligible who possess a Master or equivalent degree in Technical, Engineering and Science disciplines and are in receipt of merit scholarship for Post Graduate studies, Research or Training abroad (excluding attending seminars, workshops, conferences from a foreign Government/organization or under any other scheme where the cost of passage is not provided).

Field Of Study for Selection Year 2007-2008

  • Bio-technology/Genetic Engineering
  • Industrial Environmental Engineering
  • Nano-Technology
  • Marine Engineering
  • Petro-Chemical Engineering
  • Plastic Technology
  • Cryogenic Engineering
  • Mechatronics.
  • Automation Robotics including, Artificial Intelligence
  • Laser Technology
  • Low Temperature Thermal Dynamics
  • Optometry
  • Art Restoration Technology
  • Dock and Harbour Engineering
  • Imaging System Technology
  • Composite Materials Engineering including Decentralized Power Distribution (for solar heat) system, Energy Storage Engineering, Energy Conservation, Energy Efficient Habitat Engineering
  • Packaging Engg./Technology
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Information Technology including Computer Engineering, Software, Software Quality Assurance, Networking/Connectivity Engineering, Communication System under Hazardous or Post-disaster conditions, Multi-media Communication
  • Industrial Safety Engineering.

Minimum Qualification

For Ph.D. – First class or 60(sixty)% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Masters? Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer.

For Masters? Degree: – First Class or 60(sixty)% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Bachelors? Degree. Preference would be given to the experienced candidates, especially to those who are on lien with their existing post and employer.


Below 35(Thirty Five) years, as on First day of the month of the Advertisement of the Scheme

Income Ceiling:

Total income from all sources of the employed candidate or his/her parents/guardians, shall not exceed Rs.25,000/-(Twenty Five Thousand) per month, (excluding such allowances as are not treated as part of total income for the purpose of income tax) as certified by the employer. A copy of latest tax-assessment as well as latest monthly salary slip from the employer is also required to be enclosed with the application.

Employed Candidates

Candidates who are in employment must forward their applications through their employer along with a ?No Objection Certificate? (NOC) by the employer to this Ministry so as to reach the Ministry on or before the last date of receipt of applications as specified in the advertisement of the Scheme. All administrative matters like study leave, salary etc. will be directly sorted out by the candidate with his/her employer and as per rules of the serving organization. This Ministry will not take any responsibility or render assistance in this regard.

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment Scholarship 2007

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