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2011 PhD Scholarships in Utrecht University

Utrecht University announce PhD Research Position in Growth Regulating Molecular Networks in Plants, Netherlands.

Study Subject ( s ) : Growth Regulating Molecular Networks in Plants.
Course Level : PhD.
Scholarship Provider : Utrecht University, Netherlands.
Scholarship can be taken at : Netherlands.

Utrecht University PhD Eligibility 2011 :

  • This project will combine laboratory experiments and bioinformatics analysis and will run in parallel with a PhD project focused on the evolutionary history of the regulatory systems. We are looking for a molecular or genome biologists interested in understanding plant growth. Preferably the candidate has expertise in plant physiology or genetics research and have an interest in bioinformatics approaches to study signal transduction problems in plants.
  • Datasets will be generated mainly by genome wide expression analysis and the information used to construct gene regulatory networks. English communication and writing skills are required. To qualify for the position you should have an MSc degree or equivalent in a relevant subject area.

University of Utrecht PhD Scholarship Open for International Students :

  • No, Utrecht University PhD Scholarships not Available for International Students.

Utrecht University PhD Scholarship Description :

  • Plant growth and development critically depend on carbon nutrient status and over the past years several regulatory systems that link plant carbon status to growth have emerged ( reviewed by Smeekens et al. 2010, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 13:274 – 9. ).
  • A systems biology analysis will be used to understand the molecular networks that link carbon nutrient status to growth. The regulatory systems that will be studied are the trehalose 6 – phosphate signaling system and the Target of Rapamycin ( TOR ) kinase pathway that both promote growth when activated by the presence of sugars, and the SNF1 – related Protein Kinase1 ( SnRK1 ) and the C / S1 bZIP transcription factor network systems that in the absence of sugars are inhibitory to growth ( Smeekens et al. 2010 and references therein ).
  • In an integrated experimental and bioinformatics approach novel regulatory interactions between these systems will be investigated in the Arabidopsis plant model with its advanced genetics, molecular and systems biology tools.

University of Utrecht PhD Scholarships Application Form 2011 :

  • Utrecht University PhD Scholarships should be applied Online.

Utrecht University PhD Scholarship Application Deadline : 30 October, 2011.

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