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Masters Scholarships in Wageningen University 2013

Anne van Den Ban International Scholarships for Masters Level for Developing Countries at Wagenignen University Netherland ( 2013 ).

Study Subject ( s ) : agriculture, food, and environment.
Course Level : Masters.
Scholarship Provider : Wageningen University.
Scholarship can be taken at : Netherlands.

Scholarship Value

The fund covers full or partial scholarships. Contact the Wageningen University scholarship provider for more  information.  Chances of selection increase if the student is ready and able to  contribute financially to his / her study.

This contribution has to be  transferred to the Wageningen University in order to obtain a visa for  the Netherlands. Moreover, the student has to pay his own trip to and  from Wageningen.

Eligibility for University of Wageningen Masters Scholarships 2013

In order to be considered for Wageningen University scholarship.

  • Applicants come from Africa, South – and South – East Asia and other countries with a average gross income per person of last than $ 3000, a year.
  • have already been accepted to a study programme in agriculture, food or environment for which financing is necessary
  • not be married to a Dutch native, because the expected career path would then take place in the Netherlands, and / or the partner / in – laws could assist in the financing
  • not have a refugee status, because these students are not inclined to return to their home country and are able to request funds and financing from other sources

University of Wageningen Masters Scholarship Open for following Countries

  • Wageningen University Masters Scholarship Open for Africa and South and South – East Asia and from other countries.

Wageningen University Masters Scholarship Description 2013

  • The Anne van den Ban Wageningen University Scholarship Fund enables promising students from developing countries and from countries in Middle and Eastern Europe to study at Wageningen University
  • As a result, it contributes to the education of competent and motivated local experts,
  • who can then play a leading role in solving the structural problems of their country in agricultural production, rural development and the environment.

University of Wageningen Masters Scholarship Application Procedure 2013

Before you can be considered for Wageningen University scholarships, you must first gain admissions to a supported Masters Program offered at the University. Refer to the Link Application Guidelines and requirements in website : http://www.wageningenur.nl/.

1. The selection procedure for the Anne van den Ban Scholarship Fund has been changed.

2. Candidates will now be selected in close cooperation with the university.

3. The fund will no longer look at individual Wageningen University Fellowship applications.

4. Therefore you can’t apply for a scholarship, you have to wait if a combined Wageningen University Fellowship / Anne van den Ban scholarship is offered to you.

University of Wageningen Masters Scholarship Application Form 2013

  • Wageningen University Masters Scholarship should be applied by Online.

Wageningen University Masters Scholarship Application Deadline 2013

The deadline for Wageningen University Scholarship admissions for Non – EU students is 1st May, 2013.

Wageningen University scholarship application deadline may differ. It is important to visit the official website : http://www.wageningenur.nl/ for detailed information.

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