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AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowship, New Zealand

AGMARDT supports postdoctoral fellowship research underpinning the agricultural, pastoral, horticultural and forestry industries in New Zealand.

This is to ensure that the research and training capabilities and capacity are supported at the level needed to achieve and maintain New Zealand’s competitive advantage in international markets.

Number of AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowships

Up to three postdoctoral fellowships will be awarded in any one year at the absolute discretion of the Trustees.


Research Areas of AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowship

  • Fellowships are available within New Zealand for research in line with AGMARDT’s purpose as set out in these Regulations.
  • The AGMARDT Trustees will consider research applications in any field related to agriculture, pastoral, horticulture or forestry for each funding round, however preference may be given to those research topics that fit within the specific guidelines provided by AGMARDT.
  • Research projects will align with the challenges and themes outlined in the Primary Sector Science Road Map and should focus on topical and relevant issues facing the primary sector today

AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowship Eligibility 

  • The Applicant must be acceptable to the AGMARDT Trustees. Preference will be given to:
  • Proposed Fellows who are high achieving graduates beginning their careers in science in New Zealand, have a high sense of purpose and a clear idea of how to use the Fellowship to advance their research careers; and/or
  • Attracting appropriate international science skills to New Zealand where a proposed Fellow is at an early stage in their career and either a New Zealand qualified citizen returning or an internationally qualified scientist wishing to become a permanent resident in New Zealand and has proof of quality science output as would be expected of a Postdoctoral recipient.

AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowship Selection Criteria

Fellowships under this programme will be selected on the basis of (in order of importance):

  • The Fellows demonstration of academic excellence, depth of understanding of their proposed research and how the fellowship will contribute to their personal development;
  • Excellence and relevance of the proposed project in terms of the research area;
  • The academic and research record of the Host Organisation Supervisor;
  • Excellence of the Host Organisation Team in the proposed area of research;
  • Logistical and intellectual support offered by the Host Organisation;
  • Intention for the Fellow to be employed in New Zealand on completion of the Fellowship;
  • How the project will meet a recognised capability or capacity short-fall;
  • The track-record of the institution in using AGMARDT Postdoctoral Fellowships;
  • Quality and integrity of the application. Poor quality applications will not be considered.
  • AGMARDT reserves the right not to accept any proposal

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.