Andy Ritchie Scholarship (Aquaculture), New Zealand

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Andy Ritchie Scholarship (Aquaculture), New Zealand

Scholarship for New Zealand Citizens only

Study Subject : Environmental Science, Applied Science

Employer : Victoria University of Wellington

Level : BSc Hons, MSc Part II and PhD

Andy Ritchie Scholarship Description :

This Andy Ritchie Scholarship was set up, through the Victoria University Foundation, in memory of Andy Ritchie by his colleagues in the aquaculture industry.

The Andy Ritchie Scholarship shall be open to any post – graduate student enrolled or proposing to enrol at Victoria University for BSc Hons, MSc Part II and PhD, except for Masters level degrees such as Master of Environmental Science or Master of Applied Science which have a short time frame and a small research component.

The Andy Ritchie Scholarship will fund the research component of the accepted post – graduate degrees and not the course work

The Andy Ritchie Scholarship will be awarded to NZ citizens and permanent residents only. Applicants’ research should be restricted to some aspect of aquaculture, preferably an area which has been highlighted by the industry as being in need of attention.

The minimum School of Biological Sciences academic merit for enrolment must be satisfied for each degree application (ie. B+ average in 3rd year to get into BSc Hons and MSc; typically, higher than this for a PhD degree).

In cases of competing applicants, priority would be given to applicants on the basis of industrial backing and academic merit.

A BSc Hons (9 months) would be funded in its entirety (course work and research being conducted concurrently), whereas at Masters level, the research component only will be funded (ie MSc Part II enrollment).

A PhD degree (100% research) would be fully supported for 3 years maximum.

Scholarship Application Deadline :

Saturday 30th October 2010
Sunday 30th October 2011

    For further scholarship information and application visit this page :

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    Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.