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Colin Holmes Dairy Scholarship 2011, New Zealand

Colin Holmes Dairy Scholarship, University of Massey University, New Zealand

The Colin Holmes Scholarships were developed in 2009 by the Board of Trustees for the Westpac Taranaki Agricultural Research Station, in order to encourage postgraduate research that will benefit the dairy industry.

These scholarships are named after Prof Colin Holmes in recognition of his outstanding service to the dairy industry during his 40 – year research and lecturing career at Massey University prior to his retirement in 2007.

1. The Colin Holmes Scholarships are intended for the support of students enrolled at postgraduate level in studies on farm production topics beneficial to the dairy industry, and where the research component of the course will occupy the full year (masters and PhD programmes).

Preference may be given to those applicants who undertake at least part of their studies in conjunction with existing research being undertaken at the Westpac Taranaki Agricultural Research Station (WTARS) at Whareroa, Hawera.

2. Colin Holmes Scholarships to a maximum value of $ 25, 000 will normally be awarded annually as funds permit, and the scholarships will normally take the form of both stipend and a contribution towards research costs, with the proportion used for stipend and research costs determined depending on the circumstances of the project involved.

Applicants should discuss what proportion they consider appropriate, relating this to other scholarships and research funding they have already received.

3. Applications will be initially considered by the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee, who will recommend a short-list of applicants to members of the WTARS Trust Board for their final decision.

4. In recommending applicants, the Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee shall take into account academic merit and other scholarships and bursaries held by the applicants.

5. The Colin Holmes Scholarships will be awarded for 1 year, but recipients will be encouraged to reapply again in subsequent years. Scholarships will not be awarded in those years where there are no suitable applicants.

6. The first payment of the stipend will be made in May, followed by equal – sized instalments every 2 months for a year. The component of the award to be used for research costs will be paid in two equal instalments to the chief supervisor of the applicant, one in May and the other 6 months later following a satisfactory progress report being sent to the Trust Board.

7. Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School on 10 March in the year of award of the scholarships. Application forms (ASSC.3) are available from Massey Contact, 0800 627 739.

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Application Deadline : 10 – 03 – 2011.

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