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Massey University FAR Postgraduate Scholarship 2011, New Zealand

Postgraduate Scholarship, Research, Massey University, FAR, New Zealand

FAR Postgraduate Scholarship is being awarded by the Foundation for Arable Research (FAR) with the objective being to encourage research activities, which will add value to the New Zealand arable farming sector.

1. The scholarship shall be known as the FAR Postgraduate Scholarship.

2. Regulations :

a. The FAR Postgraduate Scholarship shall be open to full – time students at Massey University eligible to proceed to or undertaking postgraduate research of value to the New Zealand arable farming sector.

b. The Postgraduate Scholarship shall be offered annually and will be tenable for one year. The Scholar will be eligible to re – apply in a subsequent year.

c. The FAR Postgraduate Scholarship shall be awarded on the recommendation from the Selection Committee who will comprise :

  • FAR representative (s)
  • Arable Farmer
  • Convener of the Massey University Applied Academic Programs Scholarships Committee or nominee.

d. The Selection Committee may refrain from making an award if, in their opinion, there is no applicant of sufficient merit.

e. The FAR Postgraduate Scholarship may be held with any other scholarship, bursary, prize or fellowship, unless the conditions of the alternative award preclude it.

f. The successful applicant must have maintained a grade B average in the year prior to application for the Scholarship.

g. The FAR Postgraduate Scholarship may be terminated at any time upon receipt of a report that the conduct or progress of the awardee has been unsatisfactory.

h. The successful applicant is expected to give a presentation at the High School they attended about their studies, or to FAR and the arable industry in general and / or attend a FAR field day to present on a topic agreed upon by FAR and the student.

i. A FAR agreed project must be part of the practical element of the course if applicable to the course of study.

j. The successful applicant must submit two progress reports per year to members of the selection committee.

k. The applicant must be either a permanent resident of New Zealand or hold a New Zealand permanent residency visa.

l. It is expected the applicant will be studying for a Postgraduate qualification in a relevant field.

3. Commencement :

The tenure of the FAR Postgraduate Scholarship shall begin at the commencement of the semester immediately following the Award.

4. Deferral / Temporary Suspension of Study :

a. The Scholar may defer commencement of the Scholarship for a period of up to one year from the date of the proposed commencement provided he / she notifies the Scholarships Manager at FAR in writing of his / her intention to do so at least two weeks before the date of commencement.

b. Once the FAR Postgraduate Scholarship has commenced, the Scholarships Manager at FAR at his / her discretion, may grant a temporary suspension of the Scholarship, without emolument, for up to one year having taking into account the Scholar’s circumstances and the progress of the study.

5. FAR Postgraduate Scholarship Payments :

The value of the award will be NZ $ 7, 000 per annum. This will be broken down as follows :

  • NZ $ 4, 000 towards course fees
  • NZ $ 3, 000 emolument payment paid by FAR (managed by Massey University). This payment will start at course commencement.

6. FAR Postgraduate Scholarship Application Process :

Application forms are available from the Scholarships Office and / or Dr Kerry Harrington (AH 302), Chairman of Applied Academic Programmes Scholarships Committee, Massey University. Applications close with the Scholarships Office, Graduate Research School, on 15 March in the year the award is to be made.

Application Deadline  : 15 – 03 – 2011.

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