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Rewi Alley Scholarship in Chinese Studies, University of Waikato, New Zealand

The Rewi Alley Scholarship in Chinese Studies was established by the Rewi Alley National Committee to mark the occasion of Rewi Alley’s birthday and in recognition of his humanitarian and literary work in China over more than 50 years. The Rewi Alley Scholarship is designed to encourage study and research on China, preferably in New Zealand.

Rewi Alley Scholarship Eligibility

To be eligible, applicants must be :

  •  a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident; and
  •  intending to study any aspect of life in China.

Rewi Alley Scholarship Application

  • The Scholarship shall be offered in alternate ( odd ) years,
  • Applications for the Scholarship must be received by the University of Waikato Scholarships Office on the prescribed online form by 30th November.
  • Applications must include:
    • a completed Personal Statement form ( the template can be downloaded from the online Scholarship application form );
    • two written academic references; and
    • proof of New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency.
    • If you have undertaken study at a tertiary institution ( or institutions ) other than the University of Waikato, you must also include copies of your academic transcripts from those institution(s). Please also include a Grading Scale where available.

Rewi Alley Scholarship Selection Process

  • The award of the Scholarship shall be made by the Scholarships Committee of the University of Waikato on the recommendation of a Selection Panel established for the purpose by the New Zealand Asian Studies Society.
  • The Selection Panel’s decisions are final; no correspondence will be entered into following the selection meeting.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.