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University of Massey Claude McCarthy Fellowships, New Zealand

Claude McCarthy Fellowships, Research, University of Massey, New Zealand

The funds for these fellowships are provided by the income from a substantial bequest by the late Claude McCarthy, who died in Spain in 1978. Mr McCarthy was born in Hororata, West Christchurch in 1888, attended Christchurch Boys’ High School 1903 – 7, began university studies in 1907, and graduated BA in 1913.

His teaching career was interrupted by war service when he went overseas as a lieutenant in the 24th Reinforcements in 1917. After his return, he graduated MA in 1919 and then went to the United States in 1922. After 25 years there he retired to live on the island of Jersey.

The Fellowships shall be known as the Claude McCarthy Fellowships.

Object :

The object of the Claude McCarthy Fellowships is to enable graduates of “any one or more of the Universities of New Zealand” to undertake “original work or research in literature, science or medicine”. (The words literature, science or medicine will be interpreted liberally.)

Purpose of Claude McCarthy Fellowships 

A Claude McCarthy Fellowship may be granted for any one of the following purposes :

Category A :

To enable graduates of a New Zealand university, who are registered and enrolled for a doctoral degree at a New Zealand university, to travel overseas for short periods to :

  1. present research work at conferences, and / or
  2. conduct research leading towards the New Zealand doctoral degree for which they are enrolled.

Fellows must retain their New Zealand doctoral registration during the tenure of their award.

Notes :

  • Awards to conduct research overseas shall normally not exceed $ 5, 000 and are intended to supplement other sources of funding.
  • Applications will only be considered from those who have been enrolled for at least one year for their PhD at the time of application.
  • Awards shall normally be available for periods of up to three months. No award shall be made at any time for a period exceeding one year.
  • Awards may be made to cover airfares, conference registration and research costs. The Selection Committee may choose to make a limited contribution towards the living costs of selected Fellows.

Category B :

To enable graduates of a New Zealand university whose normal occupation does not allow them to follow up original ideas and undertake research, to carry out research in a New Zealand university.

Notes :

  • Full – time university staff are excluded from applying under this category. These awards may not be used for degree study.
  • In 2005, the maximum value of an award under this category was $ 30, 000.

Category C :

To enable any university staff member who is a graduate of a New Zealand university to take leave to carry out in New Zealand original work in organisations outside their own institutions.

Note : In 2005, the maximum value of an award under this category was $ 40, 000.

Category D :

To enable any university staff member who is a graduate of a New Zealand university to take leave and travel overseas, other than at the time of their normal entitlement for refresher leave and additional to it, to undertake short periods of research in important recent developments relevant to their specialities.

Notes :

  • These awards are not primarily intended as a conference leave opportunity.
  • These awards are not intended to run concurrently or sequentially to study / refresher leave.
  • “Short periods” will generally mean not more than three months.
  • In 2005, the maximum value of an award under this category was $ 7, 000.

In categories C and D the applicant must be on leave with full pay. Save in exceptional circumstances, awards will not normally be made more than once every ten years to the same Fellow.

Claude McCarthy Fellowships Number :

The number of Claude McCarthy Fellowships to be awarded in any year in any of the categories above shall be determined by the NZVCC having regard to the income available for the purpose.

No Claude McCarthy Fellowship shall be awarded upon any occasion if the NZVCC shall be of the opinion that there is no candidate of sufficient merit offering.

Claude McCarthy Fellowships Selection 

The NZVCC shall make awards of the fellowships on recommendation of a special Selection Sub – committee set up for the purpose. The sub – committee may consult with the universities and others as it deems fit.

Emolument :

The emolument of each fellow shall be decided by the Committee according to seniority, country of residence during the tenure of the fellowship and the nature of the project. Assistance for expenses incurred in travel, employment of technical staff, special equipment, etc. may be provided.

Application for Claude McCarthy Fellowships 

Every person who wishes to be considered for the award of a Claude McCarthy Fellowship shall fill in the special application form which can be obtained from the NZVCC or from any of the universities and this, together with accompanying documents, shall be sent to the Scholarships Manager of the NZVCC by 1 August in the year before taking up the fellowship.

University staff and Doctoral scholars (Category A and Category C) should apply to the Registrar of the university by which they are employed / enrolled by 1 August.

Application Deadline : 1st August

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.