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University of Massey Clem Hill Scholarship, New Zealand

Clem Hill Scholarship, Research, Education, University of Massey, New Zealand

All College of Education students who are awarded a Scholarship from the degree programs : Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Years, Bachelor of Education(Teaching) Primary, Te Aho Tatairangi, Bachelor of Education(Teaching) Primary/Diploma in Education Studies, Bachelor of Education Secondary Teaching) will be automatically considered as applicants.

The purpose of the Clem Hill Scholarship is to acknowledge the achievement of the top undergraduate students, and to encourage their transition to postgraduate degrees.

Clem Hill Scholarship Tenure and Value :

  • The Scholarship entitles recipients to graduate with the title “Clem Hill Scholar”.
  • The Clem Hill Scholarship also entitles recipients to an emolument of $ 5000.
  • To qualify for the emolument, scholars must be enrolled at Massey University in any one year for at least 30 credits in papers at 700 level or above.
  • The emolument is valid for three years and may be deferred for a period of up to two full calendar years before undertaking the course of study.

Clem Hill Scholarship Eligibility :

To be eligible for the award of a Clem Hill Scholarship, the student must have qualified to graduate in one of the following degrees :

Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Early Years, Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary, Te Aho Tatairangi, Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary / Diploma in Education Studies, Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) and must have completed a minimum of two thirds of that degree at Massey University.

Massey University students who undertake an international exchange program may be exempted from this requirement.

Criteria :

The Clem Hill Scholarships shall be awarded to the leading student in the College of Education and chosen from the students entitled to be awarded a Massey Scholarship.

Selection Process for Clem Hill Scholarship :

The Clem Hill Scholarship is awarded by the University Scholarships Committee on the advice of the College Of Education. No application is required.

Conditions :

  1. A Clem Hill Scholarship may be held with any other scholarship that permits this, in terms of the University Regulations.
  2. No person may be awarded more than one Clem Hill Scholarship.
  3. The offer of the emolument must be accepted, accepted but deferred, or declined before 1 March of the academic year for which the award was made.

Clem Hill Scholarship Payment :

The emolument will be paid once the final date to withdraw as passed, upon confirmation of the Scholar’s enrolment, in full, or in part, according to the period of study for each paper.

Application Deadline : 01 – 12 – 2010.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.