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2012 Norway Scholarships in Oslo University

International Scholarships for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Students at University of Oslo Norway ( 2012 ).

Study Subject ( s ) : Courses offered by the University.
Course Level : Undergraduate or Postgraduate.
Scholarship Provider : Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation ( NORAD ) etc.
Scholarship can be taken at : Norway.

Eligibility for Oslo University Scholarships 2012 :

  • That your academic background is related to the course you apply.
  • For that your professional background or goals are related to the course apply.
  • For your financial need your personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.

University of Oslo Scholarship Open for International Students :

  • Yes, University of Oslo Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship is available for International Students.

Oslo University Scholarship Open for following Countries :

  • University of Oslo Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship Open for NORADs partnership countries, Eastern Europe Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, US and Canada.

University of Oslo Scholarship Description :

  • If you do not meet the first two points in the Pre – University of Oslo Scholarship application process, you will not be encouraged to submit an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship application.
  • On the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship application form, applicants will be asked to specify the extent of University of Oslo Scholarship needed to participate.
  • Also, a reference person not related to the applicant must confirm the financial need.
  • This could be a bank employee, representative of your schools financial aid office, financial advisor or some one who has detailed knowledge of your financial situation.

Oslo University Scholarship Application Form 2012 :

  • University of Oslo Undergraduate or Postgraduate Scholarship should be applied by an Email.

University of Oslo Scholarship Application Deadline 2012 : 1st February, 2012.

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