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S.N. Bose Scholars Program 2013 :

To nurture future innovators and thought leaders, the Science & Engineering Board ( SERB ) Department of Science and Technology ( DST ), Government of India, the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum ( IUSSTF ) and the University of Wisconsin-Madison ( UW ) are partnering to develop a dynamic and transformative student exchange program between premier institutions in India and the United States.

The program is named in honor of Satyendra Nath Bose ( 1894 – 1974 ), a visionary Indian physicist best known for his work on quantum mechanics in the early 1920s. The class of particles that obey Bose-Einstein statistics, Bosons, was named after him.

The Mission of the Program is to :

  • Introduce talented American students to the long-standing tradition of scientific inquiry and innovation in India;
  • Encourage students to consider a career in Science and Technology;
  • Foster interactions between next generation of pioneers in Science and Technology; and,
  • Build long-term R&D linkages and collaborations across disciplines, cultures and geographical boundaries.

Eligibility for SN Bose Scholars Program :

  • US Citizens / Permanent Residents / Indian Citizens
  • Students pursuing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at an accredited institution of higher education in the United States
  • Open to students from all disciplines of Science & Engineering

Scholarship Includes :

  • Stipend ( $ Equivalent of INR 50,000 )
  • Airfare ( upto $1,000 )
  • Placement at leading Universities and Research Laboratories in India

Program Dates : Summer 2013

Applications are to be submitted electronically to or ( No hard copies required )

Submission Deadline : 31st March, 2013

For program information contact :

Prof. Aseem Z. Ansari,
University of Wisconsin Madison,
Madison, WI 53706,
Email :

Dr. Nishritha Bopana,
Indo-US Science and Technology Forum,
Fulbright House, 12, Hailey Road,
New Delhi – 110001,
E-mail :,

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