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Tagore National Fellowship for Cultural Research

Study Subject : Cultural Research

Course Level : Research

Scholarship Provider : Government of India

Scholarship can be taken at : India

Tagore National Eligibility :

Scholars who have sound academic or professional credentials and have made significant contribution to knowledge in their respective fields, as reflected in publications in reputed and referred journals and books authored by them, or persons with significant creative work in any field of art or culture, will be eligible to be considered for the award of the Fellowship.

Scholars to be engaged must have both the credentials as laid down in the preceding paragraph, as well as a strong reputation in the field covered by the Nodal Institution.

As the honour and the honorarium are both of a very high order, the Institution Level Search-cum-Screening Committee of the sponsoring institution and the National Selection Committee ( defined in para 11 later ) may keep these in mind while recommending / selecting the Tagore National Fellows.

Those selected as Tagore National Fellows have, therefore, to: a) be of highest standing in terms of research and years of experience; b ) have a very impressive list of publications, that have found acceptability in the scholarly world; and c) have past experience in dealing with the projects directly connected to the Nodal Institution and / or allied institutions.

Scholarship Open for International Students : No.

The Scheme has been introduced in order to invigorate and revitalise the various institutions under the Ministry of Culture ( MoC ) and other identified cultural institutions in the country, by encouraging scholars / academicians to affiliate themselves with these institutions to work on projects of mutual interest.

With a view to infuse fresh knowledge capital into the institutions, the scheme expects these scholars /academicians to select specific resources of the institutions to take up projects and research work that are related to the main objectives of these institutions and to enrich them with a new creative edge and academic excellence.

The Scheme will be open to both Indian nationals and foreign citizens. The proportion of foreigners will not normally exceed one – third of the total Fellowships awarded in a year.

How to Apply :  by Post.

Scholarship Application Deadline : 30 June 2019.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.