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City University Ana Timberlake Scholarship in Econometrics

Study Subject :  Econometrics

Employer :   City University London

Level :  Phd

You should hold a good undergraduate degree and have a track record of high academic achievement. Most of our students have a Masters degree but this is not a formal requirement.

Our students have a variety of academic backgrounds ranging from Accounting, Actuarial Science and Economics to Engineering, Finance, Management and Mathematics.

We are looking for mature, highly motivated individuals with excellent analytical, problem solving and verbal skills.

Please provide details of your intended research proposal in support of your application. This is an important part of your application in which you outline up to 2 research directions you would like to pursue in your PhD.

Before preparing your proposal you should familiarize yourself with the research interests of Cass academics (Cass Experts) to make sure that your research is aligned with their expertise.

The research proposal should include an abstract, the research objectives, the proposed research methodology, a summary review of the relevant literature and current understanding or knowledge and an indication of how the proposed research will contribute to the discipline.

You should also provide an outline work plan for the period of research including consideration of approval of any research ethics implications.

You are also asked to comment on why you wish to pursue this research and what you feel you will bring to it. The research proposal should be a maximum of 3 sides of A4.

In addition, if you wish to be considered for a University Studentship, you should provide a non-technical summary of your proposed research. This summary should be no more than 400 words.

City University Ana Timberlake Scholarship Application Deadline :  March  31,  2011.

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