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Henry Moore Institute Research Fellowships, UK

The fellowships are intended to give individuals the time and space to develop a research project free from their usual work commitments

Study Subject : Arts

Employer : Henry Moore Institute

Level : Senior Fellows

Henry Moore Institute Research Fellowship Description :

Each year the Henry Moore Institute offers four fellows the opportunity to spend a month in Leeds to develop their own research. The Institute comprises exhibition galleries, a library, archive and audio-visual collection.

In addition to presenting an innovative programme of temporary exhibition we manage the sculpture collection of Leeds City Art Gallery; an outstanding and diverse collection of late 19th and 20th century British sculpture.

This is complemented by the archive of sculptor’s papers, which is also focussed on British sculpture form the period after 1850.

The book and audio-visual collections cover a wider range, both in terms of date and geography, replicating the diversity of our programme and of sculpture studies as a discipline.

With access to all of these resources and an on-going dialogue with the Institute’s Research Co-ordinator, Dr Jon Wood, as well as other Institute staff, fellows are free to pursue their own interest in a supportive and stimulating environment.

As an integral part of the research programme the fellowships present fresh perspectives on the Leeds collections, open up new collaborative possibilities and further research into sculpture.

Following their stay in Leeds many fellows go on to develop exhibitions, conferences and publications with the support of the Institute.

The Henry Moore Institute Research Fellowships have bought diverse artist, scholars, critics and curators to the Institute and you can explore their projects and the outcomes by clicking on Past Fellowships.

Senior Fellowships :

The Henry Moore Institute is a centre for the study of sculpture, with exhibition galleries, a library, archive and collection, as well as an active research programme.

As part of our aim to encourage and support research projects in any area of sculpture studies, we are offering a small number of short-term residential fellowships to enable established scholars to spend a period of time in Leeds.

The research fellowships are intended to give individuals the time and space to develop a research project free from their usual work commitments, to introduce them to the Institute and its staff, and to make connections with our research programme.

Fellows are encouraged to use the resources of the Institute and Leeds University, but may also travel further afield where appropriate. We ask fellows to make a small contribution to the research programme of the Institute and the Sculpture Studies MA at Leeds University, in the form of a talk or seminar.

The Institute offers accommodation, travel expenses, and a per diem, as well as the use of a study room and computer equipment.

Fellowship Application Deadline : 10 January 2011.

Further Fellowship Information and Application : http://www.henry-moore.org//hmi/research/hmi-research-fellowships/overview

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