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Laming Junior Fellowship

Study Subject :  Any Subject

Employer :  The Quenn’s College, Oxford

Level :  Junior Fellowship

1. The Laming Junior Fellowships are tenable only by members of the University of Oxford who are citizens of Britain or another country belonging to the European Union.

2. A Laming Junior Fellow becomes a member of the College from the date on which the Fellowship begins.

During the tenure of his or her Fellowship he or she is an Honorary Member of the Common Room and is entitled to lunch and dine, free of charge, at the Common Table and free (single) College accommodation while in Oxford.

3. A candidate for a Junior Fellowship shall normally not, on the first day of tenure of the Fellowship, have entered upon the twenty-fifth term from his or her matriculation at the university where he or she obtained a first degree.

He or she must propose in the field of living foreign languages or modern subjects connected therewith a course of study which in the opinion of the Governing Body requires a period of residence in a foreign country, always provided that English is not the language or one of the languages of the country selected.

4. A Laming Junior Fellowship is normally tenable for a period of one year, which may be extended for a further year at the discretion of the Governing Body.

A Laming Junior Fellow will be required to reside in the foreign country to which his or her course of study relates for a period determined by the Governing Body; and he or she will be required to reside in Oxford for any part of the period of his or her appointment not spent abroad. He or she will also be permitted to take reasonable vacations.

5. A Laming Junior Fellow must not, during the tenure of his or her Fellowship, hold any other appointment, or vary his or her course of study, or leave the foreign country in which he or she is residing for the purposes of the Fellowship, without the consent in writing of the Governing Body.

He or she is required to submit to the Governing Body reports on the progress of his or her work at intervals of three months.

6. The emoluments of a Laming Junior Fellowship will be as advertised, but supplementary payments may from time to time be made if a Laming Junior Fellow’s particular circumstances require it. There is normally no extra stipendiary provision for Laming Junior Fellows who are married.

7. The Governing Body may deduct from the final instalment of the emoluments of a Laming Junior Fellow any amount due by him or her for batells.

Fellowship Application Deadline for Laming Junior Fellowship : 17 th January 2011

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.