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Newnham College for Women Research Fellowships 2010 – 2011, UK

Fellowship of Newnham College for Women, UK

Study Subject : Science, Mathematics

Employer : Newnham College, University of Cambridge

Level : Postdoctoral

Newnham College for Women Research Scholarship Description :

The purpose of Junior Research Fellowships is to allow highly – talented women* to pursue their research single – mindedly in a supportive academic environment.

Research Fellowships are normally awarded to women just finishing their PhDs, or those in their first post-doctoral appointment.

Research Fellowship Eligibility :

We normally elect two women to Junior Research Fellowships each year, one each in the Sciences (including Mathematics and Engineering) and in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Research Fellows are appointed for a period of three years, although many leave sooner if they are successful in gaining faculty appointments in Cambridge or elsewhere.

Both selection panels use the concept of “research age” in judging how long a candidate has been active in research, so that time out of research for professional or family reasons will not be a disadvantage.

The Sciences Fellowship is offered in any field of Science, Mathematics or Engineering. During their tenure, JRFs have no duties other than to pursue their research, but they may if they wish participate in College teaching.

They are members of the College Governing Body, and may serve on other College committees.

Stipend :

The Research Fellowships carry a competitive stipend, plus accommodation in a college set or flat. An additional allowance is payable if the holder chooses to live in non-College accommodation.

Fellowships may also be awarded on a non-stipendiary basis to women who hold another post-doctoral appointment in the University or in a recognised Non-University Institution (NUI).

Funds are available to support research costs, such as conference travel : all Research Fellows are also entitled to a one-off sum of up to £10k towards the cost of a research project, or towards running a Newnham-based research event (such as a conference or workshop).

Scholarship Application deadline : 5th November 2010

Further Fellowship Information and Application :

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.