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Schlumberger Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship, UK

Schlumberger Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship at Darwin College

Study Subject : Chemistry, Physics, Geophysics, Mathematics, Engineering (including Chemical Engineering), Biosciences and Materials Science

Employer : Darwin College

Level : Research

Schlumberger Interdisciplinary Research Scholarship Description :

The Governing Body of Darwin College, Cambridge, and Schlumberger Cambridge Research Limited jointly invite applications for a non – stipendiary Research Fellowship supporting interdisciplinary research, tenable at Darwin College, Cambridge, and sponsored by Schlumberger Cambridge Research Limited.

Eligibility for the Research Fellowship

Candidates’ research interests may be in Chemistry, Physics, Geophysics, Mathematics, Engineering (including Chemical Engineering), Biosciences and Materials Science.

The successful candidate will be expected to pursue interdisciplinary research during the tenure of the Fellowship and will be expected to organise seminars and meetings to promote innovative work across disciplinary boundaries.

The Fellow would be encouraged to establish links with Schlumberger Cambridge Research Limited if appropriate.

The Research Fellowship is open to men and women from any university, irrespective of age, and is intended for outstanding researchers who are completing, or who have recently completed, their PhD Degree.

No candidate should have completed in total more than seven years of postgraduate research by 1 October 2011. The function of this Fellowship is to provide a formal, supported starting point for an academic career.

Research Scholarship Applications

These should be typed if possible, and should include seven copies of :

  • Curriculum vitae,
  • An account, in not more than 500 words, of the proposed research and the background to it,
  • An assurance that, where necessary, appropriate research arrangements (for example with a laboratory) have been made,
  • A statement about how candidates propose to fund themselves during their tenure of the Research Fellowship,
  • The names and addresses of two referees (including telephone and fax numbers as well as e – mail addresses) who should be asked to write at once direct to the College, and
  • A list of published or unpublished work that would be available for submission, if requested. Selected candidates may be invited not later than the end of January 2011 to submit copies of written work and may be called for interview at the beginning of March 2011. Election will be made as soon as possible thereafter.

Scholarship Application Deadline : 14th January 2011.

For further scholarship information and application visit :

JEE Main

Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.